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The PlayStation console family turns 25

25 years have passed since December 3, 1994 in Japan, Sony launched its first
video game console PlayStation (PSX) desktop, a model that has served as a benchmark in the electronic leisure industry and has helped turn its successors into the world's most popular video game consoles.

The growth that PlayStation has experienced during these 25 years has been very great; The company has been evolving and adapting its consoles with new technologies, which has made it become a reference in video games. Sony is currently finalizing the last details of the next
PlayStation 5, which reach the market in late 2020.

A view of the first PlayStationA view of the first PlayStation Credit: Shutterstock

Sony vs Nintendo and Philips

However, the origins of the PlayStation family are in a Sony dispute over a gap in the video game industry with Nintendo. Both companies worked on a joint project to incorporate CD games in the Super Nintendo, which was presented at the Consumer Electronic Show technology fair in 1991.

However, the day after this presentation, Nintendo broke relations with Sony to partner with Philips. It was then that Sony began working on its own project to create its own video game console.

The first PlayStationThe first PlayStation Credit: Shutterstock

This event led to the birth of the
PSX, also known as PlayStation 1, which arrived on the Japanese market on December 3, 1994, although it will not be until September 9, 1995 when it was put up for sale in the stores of other countries.

The PSX quickly became one of the most popular consoles due to the facilities it offered: games were in CD format, introduced 3D graphics and the ability to save game in the 'Memory Card' accessory.

The DualShock debut

Another of Sony's successes with this console was the creation of the DualShock analog control that accompanied it, which thanks to its ergonomic design and vibration function became the role model of other controllers.

A command of the first PlayStation; had not yet incorporated the control leversA command of the first PlayStation; had not yet incorporated the control levers Credit: Shutterstock

Until its withdrawal from the market, almost 8,000 games were published for PlayStation, among which are some of the most important sagas in the world of video games, such as
Grand Tourism,
Final Fantasy or

PlayStation 1 sold 100,000 units the day of its launch in Japan and became the first home console that exceeded 100 million units sold, as recalled by the president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan,
in the PlayStation blog.

The press before the PlayStation 2, on March 4, 2000The press before the PlayStation 2, on March 4, 2000 Source: Archive

After "humble beginnings as a Sony department," according to Ryan, the original PlayStation today remains one of the best-selling consoles in history, with more than 102.49 million units worldwide.

The PlayStation saga during this century

Playstation 2 arrived in the market in March 2000, and to date it remains
the world's best selling console (more than 162 million units). The success of this console is in the change of support for games, from CDs to DVDs; in the introduction of the new DualShock 2 and the incorporation of new tools to play.

Among the new features that were added include the camera for the EyeToy console, the microphones for the SingStar or the musical peripherals to play
Guitar hero. There is still no console that has knocked out the PlayStation 2 even though it has been recalled since 2012.

A PlayStation 2A PlayStation 2 Source: Archive

Six years later, Sony launched
Playstation 3. This console changed the support of the games again, this time to Blu-ray, in addition to incorporating an HDMI output port, which allowed to improve the resolution up to 1080p. PlayStation 3 is the first to introduce an internal hard drive, making the 'Memory Cards' disappear.

Another of the innovations of PlayStation 3 was in the controller, which became wireless. This console has sold more than 90 million units worldwide, but it is the console that has generated less sales of all those that make up the PlayStation family of desktop.

The PlayStation 3 went on sale in November 2006The PlayStation 3 went on sale in November 2006 Source: Archive

PlayStation 4, the current queen