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The limited time mode of the new Fortnite playground is incredibly fun

The peak game of Epic Games, Fortnite, has taken the world by storm (literally, sometimes) since the company introduced Battle Royale mode. However, what makes players return to the game is much deeper than just fun, fun graphics, emotes and the excellent construction mechanism (which can be quite difficult to learn correctly). No, what makes players keep coming back for more is the simple fact that Epic continues to update the game with new content, takes risks with random experiments and is not afraid when something starts to break down.

One of these new things is what Epic calls 'Limited Time Modes' in the game, which are special variations of the Battle Royale game for mix things up and keep the experience fun, challenging and engaging for the audience of the game. There has been a 50v50 mode, 5 teams of 20 modes and more, and with today's patch v4.5, Epic has added another limited time mode to the game. One that people have been very excited about for quite some time: the Playground LTM.

What is the Playground LTM?

LTM, as you may have guessed, is the abbreviation for the limited time mode. Playground is a special LTM, the first of its kind that Epic has brought to Fortnite. This mode does not involve Battle Royale, to be honest. In fact, this is a way that Epic uses to allow people to have fun on the island and build strange and crazy things without having to worry about being shot in the middle of the pyramid they were building.

I recently tried Fortnite's Playground LTM, and I am convinced that this is a great way for beginners (like yours really) and for experienced Fortnite players. This is why.

1. Too many resources

He Playground LTM grants many more resources For every car, fence, building and tree you take down that normal mode. Going through a couple of trees will take you to more than 700 woods on the Playground.

This means that you can build crazy things without worrying about scarce resources. The Playground LTM is like a resource jackpot and I can see experienced Fortnite players with some incredible building skills that face some crazy scams in this mode.

If you are a beginner, This is the best way to learn to build, and to build faster without worrying about the resources or the enemies that shoot at you when you're just trying to learn how to build a simple tower (this applies to me, by the way).

2. Weapons and ammunition are still here.

The Playground LTM an generate all the weapons, ammunition, chests and traps that normal Battle Royale mode does, so this is a great place to practice aiming and learn the mechanisms of the different weapons involved in the game.

3. Play alone or with friends

In Playground LTM you are not thrown to the island with a group of strangers. Can deploy alone and do what you want, or you can deploy with your friends and practice building together, or practice aiming. With a lot of weapons and ammunition, and no one else to compete against, you can use the weapon of your choice and practice aiming and shooting with it.

4. The fire friend is on

In Playground LTM the friendly fire is activated, which means that if you deploy with your friends, can really practice shooting each other . However, if you kill a friend or if a friend kills you, just reappear in 10 seconds .

Why Playground LTM?

Some of you may be wondering why Playground is so important in the Fortnite community. That will be because a large part of the Fortnite community is about having fun, and Playground LTM is perfect for them. The rest of the community includes professional players and beginners who want to learn, and Playground is also ideal for them.

Fortnite players are known to have strange, creative and fun building ideas. In fact, a streamer popularly known as 'Loserfruit' I covered all of Wailing Woods with a pyramid.

Courtesy of Loserfruit.

There have also been other impressive feats, such as a group that once built a deck over Dusty Divot . So yes, it is quite obvious to Epic that a way like Playgrounds is a guaranteed success among the many, many, Many Fantastic game.

My experience with Playground LTM

By the time I landed on the island, I began to practice construction (because I need a lot of practice with that), and I realized that I stink quite badly. Nevertheless, the fact that there are many resources in Playground LTM, and that I can't die, encouraged me to try to build and then build as fast as I can .

Mistakes are acceptable on Playground because that is exactly what it is to … learn, build, have fun. I mean, it's right there in the name of 'Playground'. So yes, I dropped at least 3 times while trying to jump and build a tower in Pleasant Park.

For a period of almost 30 minutes, he had practiced construction more than on the days he played regular Fortnite games.

Also mor many times, but well, reappearing in 10 seconds is great to practice what you want to practice, so that builds what I can only describe as a strange cross between a tower, a flat-headed pyramid (plateau?), a kind of bridge between the two, and many errors of judgment (Like that one time I jumped too fast and forgot to place a floor, I fell from the top of the tower and I died).

However, at the end of the day, I am sure that I will play much more in Playground LTM in the next few days before returning to regular games to see if my construction skills are so good in real games.

LTM playground is awesome and fun

Regardless, Playground LTM is an excellent limited time mode for Epic, and the company is saying that developers are treating it as a type of test bench to see if a permanent playground mode is suitable for the game. . .

In my opinion, game mode is a great fit. Not only because it is a fun way to hang out with friends when you just want to have fun, not only because it helps transmitters who are not professional players to be creative and share more Fortnite experiences, but also because it makes it easier for a new audience to become familiar. with the aspects of the construction of the game, because honestly that can be quite difficult to accept. Meanwhile, I will definitely be aware of what popular users know in Playground LTM.

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