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the game of matching blocks to infinity and beyond

Are you bored of 2048 already? We have a new and improved game, matching endless blocks. Welcome to a new challenge for our mind.

The sliding puzzles is something that all those ealian @ s of the 80s will remember. A simple game, but that could have us entertaining hours playing. But we are in 2017, nobody plays those games anymore… Or does it?

If we stop to think, the sliding puzzles are still among us; yes, digitally and within our Smartphone. If you enjoyed the game 2048 but you need new challenges, we have something new.

Infinity Merge

Gone is the matching numbers to reach a mythical and impossible figure. We have before us a new proposal that raises the difficulty to the nth power without leaving the simplicity of play by flag.

Infinity Merge Game

The simple explanation of this game is to match blocks. But blocks that have the same shape, number of points and color; having almost infinite possibilities.

We will start with the simple task of matching blocks two by two, to go up to 3 or 4, leaving experts the wonderful number 5. As we combine and match more blocks, our score will increase.

The game is based on three main features:

  • Simple and attractive
  • Relaxing
  • Good game mechanics

We have no time limit or lives: the only task we must carry out is to match and combine without stopping. The experience is very relaxing, especially thanks to its soft music.

As we said at the beginning, if you have played 2048 you will be familiar with the style of play since to join blocks we will slide in 4 available directions. The game mechanics are quite familiar.

If we want to increase our score in a more energetic way, we must use the enhancers available at the right time. Players who wish to start at the expert level at the start must play 10 times in the normal mode to unlock it. Every reward has its job.

The game is free. However, if our level of accumulation of coins is quite slow we have the option of buying them to advance in the game without it becoming something tedious.

By being compatible with Google Play Games our progress will be saved and we will not lose it even if we change the device. All are advantages in this game, so, as James Bond would say … "Mixed but not agitated."

the game of matching blocks to infinity and beyond
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