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the game of birds and pigs evolves

Angry Birds, the saga of games that puts birds and pigs at war, presents a new title: this is Angry Birds Evolution.

«Angry Birds has no expiration date. He will live more than 100 years. Peter Vesterbacka, director of Rovio, was blunt in an interview with The Free Android in 2015. They have passed many years since the first Angry Birds broke in in the market. And many things have changed in mobile video games during that time. But Angry Birds is still alive.

The famous Finnish brand game may no longer be as popular as it was then. Right now the headlines are occupied by games like Crash Royale (Supercell) or Pokémon Go (Niantic / Nintendo). But Angry Birds wants to claim that position at the top again. And he does it with a new game, Angry Birds Evolution, A declaration of intentions: the saga evolves.

Angry Birds Evolution: the saga matures in a new game

The saga evolves with Angry Birds Evolution

The game begins with a family story: the pigs have stolen our eggs and we have to recover them by throwing our birds. What does change is the dynamic, because it is no longer a 2D stage with a giant slingshot.

Now are fighting, at street level and in 3D, where we have to throw our birds against the pigs and the map elements. Pigs will fight back, and the birds we use will retreat to sleep and recharge forces.

New fighting system in Angry Birds Evolution

Birds still have special abilities depending on the type they are, called super attacks. Before making an attack we can observe how much damage we will do to each pig -not removed with the slightest touch, as before. The objective of each level is wipe out everyone before they end our life bar.

The truth is that the game conveys the feeling of being a true evolution. Is as if Angry Birds had grown, as if it had become a more mature saga. It's not like the latest Angry Birds titles, which just try to generate attention in other genres. Besides, the depth introduction in the scenarios it opens many doors as far as map creation is concerned.

Angry Birds Evolution

The game is available on Google Play, and it's free. Of course, we do not get rid of payments within the application, as usual.