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The best of 2019: Google Play Store present the apps chosen by Android users

Video editors, apps for drawing on the touch screen and chats with random contacts were some of the most convincing proposals that Android users chose this year

At the close of 2019
 presented the best applications of its Play Store, in a selection based on the vote of users of
 . Divided into several categories, such as everyday tools or proposals for general well-being, among all Google selections, Ablo stood out, considered
As the best app of 2019.

Ablo is a service to chat and meet people from all over the world that Google noted for its attractive design and efficiency in its execution, since it offers a simultaneous translation in your language to meet contacts that the app offers randomly.

Apps for the day

For the category
apps for the day, Google awards proposals that helped users stay active, efficient and organized. On this occasion, ActionDash stood out, the digital wellness application available for various versions of Android, next to the Google Go photo gallery, which offers a lightweight and easy application to manage photos and videos on the smartphone. There is also InstaFit Gym, an application with training routines tips. Those who want to relax, for Google users the best option is Mubert, while the fantastic of planning and organization highlighted the Post-it virtual tags.

Personal growth

Personal growth is the section where Google gathered the selections of users who used apps to get fit, reach a goal or start something new. Here is Calm, the reference application for those who want to meditate with the help of the smartphone. Then there is ScriptDrops, a colorful and minimalist application that facilitates the learning of languages ??such as Japanese and Russian with methods based on attractive visual and auditory techniques.

In this list of personal growth are SleepTown, an app to improve the habit of sleep, Smarter mental games and the Yoga app for beginners.

Best discoveries

These are the
applications that were a revelation in the last twelve months and that began to be highlighted by users for their original proposals. One of the most conveners was 12min, an app that proposes to discover a book with a 12-minute reading or listening based on microlibers to explore various topics and decide on the full reading of the title.

For its part, Big Bang AR is an app that is positioned among the public's favorites. It was created by CERN and Google Arts & Culture and allows you to explore the formation of the universe accompanied by the narration of Tilda Swinton.

For content creators, Morphin was a great tool to create bespoke GIFs, while Peoople stood out as the app that compiles the tips, recommendations and trends of both friends and celebrities and influencers.

The category of discoveries is completed with Ruff, a minimalist scorer ideal for users interested in always having a space to register their ideas on the smartphone without distance.

Most entertaining apps

In this category Google compiled the selections of the users of the Play Store with the
best apps to hang out and make the most of those waiting minutes on a trip or a waiting room. Ablo is here again, the service that offers random contacts with instant translations.

To find out what are the new outfits est 21 Buttons, an app of fashion and trends, while the fantastic of scribbles and drawings can use the phone screen with Concepts.

The creators of photos and videos can try Enlight Pixaloop to create animations and stage productions where the movements of the sky, the water or the garments of the protagonists stand out. And as everything returns, the video editor with Glitch Effect and Music Photo can add a retro touch to the VHS style in the productions recorded with your cell phone.

Best games of 2019

From the highest grossing titles to the successes of independent producers, this category located at
Call of Duty: Mobile as the best video game for Android in 2019. In the different categories of user selection are
Brawl Stars,
Archero and
Fishing and Life, among many others
titles highlighted by the public.