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The best apps and games of 2019 for iPhone, iPad and Mac

December has arrived and that means that there is little left to say goodbye to 2019 and welcome you to 2020, but before finishing, Apple wanted to collect the best applications and games for both iPhone, iPad and Mac.

If you have some of Apple's star products, it is a good time to give everything we are going to explain a chance, as there are applications and games that are really worth it.

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Sky: Children of the Light

A somewhat peculiar game where users have to get celestial beings to find their way back home. Available for iPhone.

  1. Download Sky: Children of the Light for iPhone


Hyper Light Drifter

It is available for iPad and consists of a action, adventure and survival game which returns us to 16 bits as if nothing had happened since then.

  1. Download Hyper Light Drifter for iPad



It has been awarded numerous times and is available for Mac. It has been developed by a Spanish team and tells the story of a young woman mired in sadness and as the game progresses she regains color in her life.

  1. Download Gray for Mac


Specter camera

An app almost as necessary as Instagram is on our day. With this application that is priced at 3.49 while we write these lines, we get Photograph like a professional.

  1. Download Cmara Specter for iPhone


Moleskine Flow

Image - The best apps and games of 2019 for iPhone, iPad and Mac

Who does not know the Moleskine notebooks? Well the same but in digital version and allow us to make creations with different utensils such as charcoal pencils, markers of different thicknesses, dozens of colors to choose from, etc. We can get this touch of realism for free on our iPad.

  1. Download Moleskine Flow for iPad