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The Adobe app allows you to capture fonts with the camera and much more

There is no way to control when inspiration comes to you; You may have been surprised by a product that you found by chance, or a kind of curious source that you have seen on a poster. Of course, you may not know where you can buy that product; or what the type of source is called. Before, you had no choice but to look for it on your own.

Smartphones and the use of Artificial Intelligence can change that. An example is in Google Lens, whose technology is already being integrated even in the Google search engine; We can photograph anything, and Google AI will recognize it and give us more information.

Adobe Capture CC uses augmented reality to capture fonts with the camera

But Google is not the only one that has progress in this regard; Adobe has also been working on its own technology for a few years. The difference is that Adobe has adopted a more creative point of view, as is understandable in the company that created Photoshop and other programs.

The result of these developments was Adobe Capture CC; an app that is not new, but you should try if you have not done it yet. Believe us, the results will surprise you.

create materials with the camera

Adobe Capture CC also uses our camera to analyze our environment and the objects in front of us; but use its algorithms to detect shapes, drawings, or even font types, which we can then use in our projects.

For example, imagine that you have come across a poster with a very curious typography; you just have to open the Adobe Capture CC app, point to the typography, and the app will find the font; If you do not find exactly the same, it will suggest a very similar one.

This is one of the apps that best takes advantage of our mobile camera; although it also works with the images that we have saved in the mobile. Adobe AI is able to recognize virtually anything, each with its section within the app: materials, fonts, shapes, colors, motifs and brushes.

Capture fonts, brushes, materials, and anything you can think of

For example, if you click on "Sources", and click on the camera icon, you just have to point to the paper or poster on which the written words are; A line will appear to indicate where the text is. The app will recognize it, and display a list of similar sources.

Another option allows us to create materials. For example, if you want a concrete wood texture, you can capture it and then perfect it with the details or roughness you prefer.

Or we can make the colors detect us; just by pointing the camera, we can get the colors of a scene or a picture. We can even create brushes, which we can then use in Photoshop.

Everything we believe will be stored in our Adobe Cloud library; thus, we can access these creations in other Adobe apps. We can use the same materials we have seen, or create brushes based on a pattern we have found, or whatever we want.

The potential of this app is tremendous, and demonstrates what is possible with augmented reality and AI. Adobe Capture CC is free, and is available in the Play Store.

The Adobe app allows you to capture fonts with the camera and much more
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