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Soccer team capitalizes its brand with scholarship for student expelled for selling food

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Through the social networks and among the public opinion of the city of Oaxaca, Mexico, the case of a high school student who was expelled from his educational center for selling food to pay for his expenses became famous.

The case moved public opinion and became known through media such as the site of the Newspaper of Oaxaca News, and has been taken advantage of by some brands, such as the Alebrijes football club, of the state capital of Oaxaca, which has offered to support the young man with a scholarship.

The young man in question is Jos Cruz, 17, who has been expelled from the Center for Industrial Technology and Services Baccalaureate, CBETIS in the city of Oaxaca because he was dedicated to selling sweets and cakes on the educational campus, an action that contravenes the regulation inside the school

In the midst of the virality of the case, the sports club took advantage of the situation to offer an invitation to the final of the Ascension League, of which it is a finalist, in addition to a scholarship,

This brand projection action has favored the team, which adds positive comments on its Twitter account and takes advantage of a short-term issue to raise trends and show a positive face to the fans, the media and public opinion.