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Samsung's next foldable phone will cost less than $ 1,000 dollars

The next of Samsung's smart foldable phones, the successor to the Galaxy Fold, could cost about $ 1,000 dollars. That is, it will be worth half the current model and even less than the Motorola Moto Razr, which is around $ 1,500 dollars.

It is rumored that the new model, whose name has not yet been defined, will be launched in parallel to the next Galaxy S phone, expected by February 2020, as reported by the Sel-based newspaper The Korea Herald.

The publication, which enjoys an average reputation in rumor coverage, said Samsung wanted to capitalize on its initial dominance in the international folding phone market with more options in 2020.

The report indicates that the next Samsung folding will have a type design clamshell ("Clam shell"), which means that it may look more like Moto Razr than Galaxy Fold.

folding phone samsung 1000 dollars dsc 3540 4 768x768Julian Chokkattu / Digital Trends

Apparently, the South Korean tech giant does not want to overcome the million dollar barrier, the official currency of South Korea, which corresponds to $ 840 dollars. In any case, this does not imply that its revolutionary product is marketed at the same value outside the country.

However, reaching a figure below $ 1,000 dollars will be possible, considering that the Galaxy Fold costs almost $ 2,000 dollars and both S and Note phones are around $ 1,000 dollars. Thus, Samsung's next foldable phone will be considerably more accessible.

According to an analyst cited in The Korea Herald's article, the company is watching closely the reaction of consumers to the Galaxy Fold and the result can be crucial for the release schedules of new models designed for 2020.

It is presumed that the objective of the Asian firm is to market six million folding smartphones in 2020, a figure that seeks to increase to 20 million by the end of the following season. The projections are quite ambitious, considering that at the end of this note only half a million units of the Galaxy Fold range had been sold. It is reasonable to expect that cheaper devices will add volume in achieving those goals.

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