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Pocophone F1, Galaxy Note 9, Mi A2 and much more

As usual, eBay starts the weekend with quite striking offers. And of course, one more week we bring you the most outstanding and worthwhile.

Remember that eBay usually offers a certain guarantee, but sometimes you can leave it to be desired. I bought a Google Pixel 2 XL in these offers myself, and although it was worth it for the price, the shopping experience was quite annoying. Something you should keep in mind.

Pocophone F1 128GB storage

Pocophone F1

The mobile revelation of the year comes from the hand of Xiaomi. At the level of specifications we have a Snapdragon 845 with 6 GB of RAM and 4000 mAh battery. This version in particular is the one that includes 128 GB of internal storage, so we have a great mobile for little price.

At the performance level, it rivals the high-end range, but considers that the screen, camera and build quality are a few steps below, in addition to not including NFC connectivity. Still, it is well worth it.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung's latest flagship is also the brand's most expensive mobile. Recall that it came out a month ago for just over 1000 euros, and in these eBay offers is already at 759, or 999 in the case of the 512 GB version of storage, which has an official price of 1259 euros.

We don't have much to say about this call, since at the level of benefits is at the top, in addition to being the mobile with fewer shortcomings and being the only one with a stylus of that level. To learn more about this equipment we recommend you read its analysis.

Xiaomi Mi A2

After the surprise of the Mi A1, Xiaomi has raised its bet on Android One with two new phones that bet on the Pure Android program. Very cheap phones that offer good specifications and Android just as Google designed it.

If you are a basic user we recommend the Mi A2 Lite, since it has the minimum power for a fluid Android experience, but it is cheaper and has much more battery. On the other hand, the Mi A2 is much more powerful and has a better camera, but it has less autonomy and some absences such as microSD or headphone jack.

OnePlus 6

It is one of our favorite phones of the year. OnePlus is one of those companies that year after year maintain its essence. The best performance and a clean version of Android which differs from pure Android in some settings that Oxygen OS adds to improve customization.

Following that essence, OnePlus this year has drastically improved its screen and camera, in addition to betting on glass as a material for the rear. Perhaps at this price it is the best option if you want performance and a clean Android version.

Other offers to which you should not lose your eye