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pay what you want for 9 dungeon games

The Humble Bundle are back in charge with dungeon games: pay what you want for 9 roguelike games and several extra games.

Many of you already know Humble Bundle: a page dedicated to game offers. The idea is that Humble Bundle offers game packages for which we can pay whatever we want. It can be from a simple euro to one hundred, whatever we want.

Part of the money goes to the organization, part to the developers, and part to charities. And all happy: we have games for which we pay a «Fair price», developers earn money and users, and charity receives a share of the benefits.

Of course, today we talk about Humble Bundle again because they just launch a package of exclusive games for Android. It is usually customary to launch packs of games for Android, although it is not common for them to do so around a theme. And that happens today, because all the games in the pack go from dungeons.

Humble Bundle returns with dungeon games

The pack they launched today is called ‘roguelike’, and only has games dedicated to this genre. That is, the games go from explore dungeons, put the gameplay above the graphics or aesthetics and have a devilish difficulty. A combination that is synonymous with success, and that they have in common these 9 games.

The Humble Bundle Roguelikes games

Pay € 1 or more to get …

  • Desktop Dungeons | Something as classic as randomly generated dungeons and battles against monsters cannot fail. The grace of the game, in addition to being cross-platform, is that by exploring we get mana and life.

  • bit dungeon I | We woke up after hours or days in a prison. Our wife is not, but we found a sword. So we swear to find her and kill the monsters that have kidnapped her.

  • bit dungeon ii | The second part has a different story. We are a spirit in a world of zombies and demons, and they have desecrated our love. So, of course, we will have to fight to bring her peace.

Pay € 4.5 or more to get …

  • Pixel Heroes: Byte & Magic | 3 heroes to choose from, 13 dungeons to explore, 3 campaigns to unlock … and most importantly, death is final. That is, if we die in the game, the game is over.

  • Road Not Taken | This game combines dungeons with puzzles. From the hand of a beautiful aesthetic, we put ourselves in the shoes of a ranger who explores a forest after a brutal winter to find lost children.

  • Dungelot: Shattered Lands | Zombie cows, giant evil mushrooms, dungeons infested with enemies … will you get home from a room with such a promising panorama?
  • … and all the previous games

Pay more than the average (€ 4.7) to get …

  • Heroes of Loot 2 | The dungeons are already balanced, so our heroes need a new job. And in their search for new adventures they find a castle in distress. Can we find a damsel who needs help?

  • Sproggiwood | This game, which is inspired by Finnish mythology, lets us choose our path. We can be kind, or we can be destroyers in our path. And all this accompanied by a little humor.

  • Star Chindy: SciFi Roguelike | Finally, we moved to the year 2315. An alien species threatens to end the human race, but they disappear just before they succeed. You are in charge of finding them and hunting them.
  • … and all the previous games


  • If you pay € 1 or more: 10% discount for new Humble Monthly subscribers
  • If you pay € 1 or more: Dungeon bit soundtrack
  • If you pay € 1 or more: Dungeon II bit soundtrack
  • If you pay more than the average: Sproggiwood soundtrack
  • If you pay € 5 or more: Pixel Heroes soundtrack: Byte & Magic