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Offer on Amazon to buy the Seagate Fast SSD with a great discount

Christmas is approaching and, with total security, there will be a lot of Photos with the phone and, this, be the same for the rest of the family members. Storing them all is something that you have in mind and one of the best options that exist for this is to be done with an external disk such as the Seagate Fast SSD, which right now is in offer on Amazon.

This accessory is an option to take into account, since it offers quite a lot of virtues when using it. An example is that the connectivity it includes is very high, since both a port is available in its housing USB type A (compatible with the third version of this interface) as of another type C. The latter is what is included in the most current laptops and mobile devices, and becomes a life insurance so that the usability of Seagate Fast SSD is complete.

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Inside the disk there is an SSD memory, so we do not talk about a mechanical element. This has great advantages, because example its consumption is smaller (The power is acquired through the USB port, so only one additional cable is used); the resistance is much higher -as much to the falls as to the sudden movements-; and, best of all, is that the performance when reading and writing information is much higher: it is located in 540 and 500 MB / s respectively. A brand is that allows even install operating systems.

Seagate Fast SSD external disk

Some more details that are important in Seagate Fast SSD

Finished in metal and with a fairly square shape, something that is not usual in products of this type, the connections are well located and easily accessed. Something remarkable in Seagate Fast SSD is that its dimensions are small, 9.4 x 7.9 x 0.9 centimeters, and, in addition, the weight stays in only 82 grams, so we talk about a disc that offers great portability.

Another good detail offered by this accessory is that a good amount of additional software is included with it, and this is quite useful. For example, an application is included to perform Backups and another with which it is possible to duplicate folders that are in order, which is a life insurance.

Side image of the Seagate Fast SSD

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Although Black Friday and Cyber ??Monday have already passed, in the online store created by Jeff Bezos some offers are kept that are attractive, such as the one that now exists by the Seagate Fast SSD for save 38% from your usual price (so you pay 95 euros less when you buy it). The link to get it from home is as follows: