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Next5: New Android tablet with electronic pen

For several months many people, both friends and meetings, ask me the same question: Do you think the tablet market will succeed?. My answer was always the same, surely yes, since they were going to saturate the market of tablet models and they were going to put them even in the soup. That way in the end we were going to have tablets everywhere and the consumption model we live in condemns you to end up wanting a. It is not a question of whether it is useful or not, because there is a prior need or not to cover that does not matter, that need will end up existing by force, and many will want a tablet.

In my opinion, the tablet war is fought on three fronts: Power, user experience and novelty. Some manufacturers will bet on the first, offer super powerful tablets that can with anything, such as the Xoom or the Galaxy Tab 2, while others will do it for the second, and I'm looking forward to seeing them. Tablets that without having dual core processors and RAM to move a tank work well and offer a very good user experience. But there is still that of novelty, those who dare to take out different things. In this aspect HTC did a job that is very good for me with its Flyer, and now comes a new model that includes a similar novelty, a digital pen that allows taking notes on the go in an easy and simple way. We talk about the Nextbook Next5.

I recognize that first may not seem like a revolutionary invention, you see, include a pen on a tablet, touch screens back to something similar to the already outdated and hateful stylus. Nevertheless I think it's a great idea and that can give a very interesting push to the tablets. Having a direct access to a notebook and writing them with a pen is our tablet makes performing this task is much faster and easier to do it by hand with the tablet keyboard. And it may still seem silly, but if we end up giving common use as a notebook to the tablet, doing this task over and over again in this simple way it can become really practical.

Talking a little about the tablet let's see their main features:

  • screen 7 ? TFT
  • Resolution of 800 × 480
  • Android Eclair 2.1
  • Connectivity Wifi
  • Internal memory of 2 GB
  • 25 electronic books preloaded
  • SD / MMC slot for memory expansion
  • Electronic pen Appen

With a price of $ 300 This tablet does not bet on a super power, because although we do not know its processor and its RAM it is evident that they will not be up to date. But with the digital pen and a very competitive price It can be a really interesting tablet if its operation is good and works smoothly. Not everyone wants tablets with a super powerful hardware, with things like this, as long as they work well, most of us will have more than enough. And yes, the downside is that it comes with Android 2.1.

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