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Manage Four Twitter Accounts at once with Sleet for iPad

The application Sleet for iPad has just landed on the App Store and gives us the ability to manage up to four accounts Twitter. As a split screen you can select which account to locate in each place. In addition the accounts work independently, being able to choose one of them to show you its su timeline ?and another one is in direct messages or mentions.

IPad Sleet

The application is exclusively for iPad and allows you to use all the usual functions of Twitter. In addition to just touching or sliding you can follow the conversation behind that tweet. Sleet has not only been designed for use with multiple accounts, it also allows you to synchronize a single account and use the split screen to place the section you want on each screen.

Use each screen to see at a stroke if you have new messages, if you have been mentioned in some tweet, or simply see the updated timeline and all with just one glance.

Adems Sleet, as a good Twitter client, allows you to view the photos directly from the ?timeline? without entering the tweet, although with just one touch you can expand it.

Video of Sleet for iPad by iPadizate:

The iPad Sleet application has a good visual interface and opens a new path in terms of social networks. Whether you use Twitter in a professional way as if you use it only for leisure, Sleet allows you to see your account in a different way. The best thing about Sleet is that the screen is divided only into the sections you want, two, three or four, and you can host the content you want in them. We know that Sleet has just started but we are waiting for new updates because the idea has seemed very good, although in terms of development they still have a way to go. cheer up!