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Ice Cream Sandwich, the new total version of Android

The other major novelty of the Google I / O talking about Android, is Ice Cream Sandwich. The new version, for Android, will not be limited to phones, but we will find it on all types of devices.

Grab the males, because curves come, friends. Android is for everyone.

First of all: The idea is to have exactly the same interface, the same, from phones, to tablets, through netbooks, televisions or whatever they want to invent later. He Total Android.

There is not much more than what they have let us see like this, like a date, well, the attempt of a date: 4th quarter of 2011, aim Christmas, we know each other.

  • Interface Honeycomb style, on any device, homogeneity between phones, televisions, tablets, netbooks.
  • Status bar resizable
  • Speech recognition of the user
  • Facial recognition, which would allow you to change the view, automatically (hello 3D)
  • A unique and new application framework
  • New tools for developers: we have been shown for example those of WebGL
  • New animations and how to show them

One thing that you have to be clear about is that this version does not have a version number specified yet, we will see as the thing, but it is not that I doubt that it will be called 2.4, it is that I am sure that not. It would not make sense, it makes more sense to be called 4.0, to say something. It is a total leap, not a new subversion of the root phones (1.x and 2.x) or the root tablets (3.x), hence it is believed to be called differently. And from there, we will have a new common base, so that from then on, for example, if the next version is called Jelly, it would be 5.x, so I think.

Okay, What do you think of all this? Do you like to want to unify everything? Do you like the idea of ??a total Android? Do you think it makes sense?

Last minute: Andy Rubin confirms that at Christmas there will be Nexus devices with Ice Cream Sandwich