How to translate a text with the camera of your smartphone?

How to translate a text with the camera of your smartphone?

Our smartphones can do more and more things. New functions, applications and tools are always being added that can be used for work, for school, or just to pass the time. The translator is one of the applications we use most when browsing the internet, but usually we have to write the words directly in the application. What you didn't know is that you can also translate the text contained in your images and photographs, and that's how you do it.

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You can translate the text of your images, and said that way it sounds a bit weird, but it's nothing from the other world. And what use does that have you may ask? The truth is that almost anyone: you can translate an ad, a manual, the paragraph of a book, the wrapping of a candy; what you basically want. Another advantage is that translating it with the camera of your smartphone can make the whole process much faster than trying to enter each word in the translator.

Using the Google translator

In real time

  • First of all you must download and install the Google Translator on your device (Android / iOS)
  • Open the app and press the camera icon
  • You need to grant permission to access your images
  • Once in the camera you can change the language at the top of the screen
  • Point the camera at the text you want to translate. The application will translate it in a few moments and you can choose “Pause translation” to have a clearer picture of the text
  • Click on “Continue translation” when you have finished reading the text and point the camera to your next objective

Translate a photo of your galley

  • Open the Google Translator application and choose the "Import" option in the lower right corner of your mobile screen
  • Search your files for the image you would like to translate
  • Select the image text with your finger

You can also use the "Scan" option that basically takes a picture. With that you can select the text contained in it to translate it.

Using Google Lens

If you use an Android device you should install the Google Lens application. But if you are an iOS user, you must install the Google application to access Google Lens.

Google Lens(Google)

Google Lens

Translate using your camera

  • Open Google Lens or your device camera, since many allow access to the app from the same camera
  • Point the camera at the text you want to translate. Automatically recognize the words and you can choose the option to translate them. You can also find the meaning of each word in the same window. You should keep in mind that the application recognizes the printed text better than the manuscript, in addition to not all languages ​​showing such good translations.

Translate a photo of your galley

  • Open the photo with the Google Photos app
  • Press the Google Lens button, which is the small square with a dot in the center of the bottom of the screen
  • After this the application underline all the text of the image and you can choose the option to translate it
  • Copy the translation and paste it into a text document, an email or wherever you want

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