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how to make your top 9 Instagram

For several years now there is a little tradition on Instagram of publishing what has been called "top 9" or "best nine". A collage with the nine most popular photos that we publish throughout the year on the platform.

To do so there are a few online tools that Automatically assemble your top 9 based on the amount of likes They received your photos that year. The one that we have been recommending in Genbeta for a long time is

How to create your # bestnine2019 for Instagram

Annotation 2019 12 03 131403 Xataka's topnine2019

The only thing you have to do is go to and enter the username of the Instagram account from which you want to download a top nine. Then you must enter an email address, we recommend using a disposable one and thus avoid sharing your real address.

How to use a more complete version of Instagram from your browser and even send private messages

Once you do this you should wait a few seconds for your top nine to load on the page and you can download the photo. Next to her A summary appears with the number of likes you received in 2019, the number of photos you published, and the average of 'likes' per post.

instagram best nine This is the image they give you to download with your nine photos of the year

Also you can do the process from the mobile browser without problems. has applications available for iOS and Android, but honestly I do not recommend installing an app just for that if you can do it from the browser.

If by chance you decided to use your email for this process, you can ask to be unsubscribed from their database, only to be warned that you will be deleted in 30 days.