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How to link Apple Watch with iPhone and other watches

If you have an iPhone you can increase and complement all its functions with the Apple Watch and vice versa. In a way, both are made for each other. And once you try them together, you can no longer live without them. If you just bought one and do not know where to start, in this guide we show you how to link Apple Watch with iPhone.

When you finish setting it up, check out our guides on the best areas for your watch, the best tips and tricks or how to use the Cycle Control application.

How to pair an Apple Watch

Before you begin, make sure that both your Apple Watch and your iPhone are updated to the latest version of their respective operating systems. Also make sure that the bluetooth is activated on your phone, since that is the main connection point between the two. And finally, make sure that both your watch and your phone are fully charged or connected to replenish the charge as they pair.

  • You can use the last watchOS 6.1 with any generation of Apple Watch and pair it with any iPhone 6S or later running iOS 13. The configuration wizards of your iPhone and Apple Watch work together to help you pair and configure your Apple Watch.
  • You can start by tying the watch to the wrist and then press and hold the side button (the one under the digital crown) until the Apple logo appears.
  • Bring your iPhone closer to your Apple Watch, look at the pairing welcome screen on your iPhone and press Continue.
  • Easier, you just have to start the Apple Watch application on your iPhone and tap Pair new watch.
  • Select the Start pairing button and, when prompted, place your iPhone on the clock so that your Apple Watch appears in the viewfinder. This matches the devices and sees an alert confirming the pairing.
  • If you already have a clock paired on this device, a screen may appear asking you to restore your clock from a backup or set it as a new clock.
  • Touch the face where you will wear the watch (left or right) and the preferred location of the crown (top or bottom).
  • Accept the terms and conditions and decide if you want to share information with Apple.
  • Create or wait for an access code. If you intend to use Apple Pay, you will have to set a password.
  • Choose if you want to update your watch automatically or manually and if you want to activate SOS and fall detection. If your health application designates you as over 65 years of age, the fall detection function will be activated by default.
  • You can choose to install all the applications in the pairing or wait to choose the specific applications you want. You can always delete individual applications later.
  • Wait a few minutes for the configuration to finish and for the two devices to synchronize and, once this is done, you will see a welcome screen.
  • If your Apple Watch has cellular service, you can activate it on your Apple Watch now or later in the Apple Watch app on your iPhone. Although mobile phone service is not available everywhere, your iPhone and Apple Watch must use the same mobile phone provider to configure and run it.

Pair several watches with your iPhone

You can associate more than one watch with your iPhone if you need it, but only one watch can be active on your phone at a specific time. The watchOS platform does not support the use of two watches at the same time, nor the simultaneous use of watches between multiple users. Not all operators support several active mobile phone plans at the same time, so make sure your operator supports this feature. The steps are very similar to the previous pairing procedure.

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and touch the My Watch tab.
  • Touch your watch at the top of the screen.
  • Touch Pair new watch.
  • Follow the steps to pair your new watch with the iPhone. You can set your watch as new or use a backup copy of your other watch.
  • Each watch has its own configuration, so you can customize them with different applications and spheres. You can add a credit card for Apple Pay on one watch, but not on the other.

Change between several watches

You can only have one Apple Watch active at a time. To change the clock, remove the current clock, match the other one and then lift your face or move your arm. If you activate the automatic switching control, which is shown when you have two paired clocks, your iPhone automatically switches clock when you do. If you want to choose when to change, instead of changing automatically, disable the automatic change function.

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and touch the My Watch tab.
  • Touch your Apple Watch and turn the Auto Switch function on or off.
  • If you deactivate the automatic switching function, you must inform your iPhone of the clock you wish to use, so touch the clock at the top of the screen and then touch the clock you are wearing so that it appears next to it.

Remove and unlink an Apple Watch

  • To remove a watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and touch the My Watch tab.
  • Select an Apple Watch, touch the information icon.
  • Select the Unpair Apple Watch button to unpack it.
  • Press your Apple ID to remove the clock from your account.

Apple Watch Management

The first thing you want to do is put a watch face that you like. The best way to start setting up the watch faces is to use the Apple Watch application on your iPhone. Everything you do here is automatically synchronized with your watch in real time. Go to the Sphere Gallery where you can start editing and adding as many faces as you want.

Now that you know how to pair and configure your Apple Watch, you can read our guide on how to back up your Apple Watch to make sure you don't have to configure it from scratch in the future.

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