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How safe is Google Play

Whether true or not, security is perceived as one of the weaknesses of Android. From the very beginning, the topic that an open system is more insecure did not help this perception; However, it is also fair to say that Google may not have done enough to fight these topics.

It's not just that on Android we can install applications from any source; something that opens the door to install malicious versions that do not come directly from the developer. But even if you depend solely on the Play Store, the official Google store, your mobile may end up infected.

Let's be honest, the security of the Play Store has not always been up to par. However, it is no less true that a few cases have caused a stir; when the vast majority of apps are safe.

How safe is Google Play

Of course, to say all that is very daring without proven data; and only Google knows them all. The true state of security on Android is a mystery; and that cannot help anyone, only those who pretend to take advantage of us.

Therefore, today Google has announced a new transparency initiative on Android ecosystem security. Google already has a transparency website, in which it publishes information related mainly to the web search engine; from the most sought-after terms, even if governments ask you to withdraw results.

Now a new security report is added on Android, in which Google will be transparent about the number of threats it finds in the system.

In this report we can see how Android security has been improving in recent years. This data is not always entirely favorable to Google. For example, with the percentage of potentially harmful applications for Android; It is very high (about 1%) if we download apps from sources other than Google Play. However, if we only download from Google Play the percentage of malicious apps is minimal; However, the trend is high, while the trend of malicious apps in other sources is down.

Also keep in mind that not all versions of Android are equally vulnerable. The drop in the percentage of malicious apps from Android Lollipop to Android Pie is especially striking.

Another question we can ask ourselves is "Where do all these malicious apps come from?" According to Google, India and Indonesia have become the largest producers of evil apps; although the United States is not far behind.

Why Google is so interested that you know Google Play is safe

The purpose of this website is not only to check how Android is improving in terms of security; Google is also a way to promote the security of the Play Store thanks to Play Protect, the system that scans applications for threats.

Recall that in 2019 Google will offer access to Google Play and its apps separately from the Android system; to comply with a decision of the European Commission and avoid further fines. That may be the best excuse for manufacturers to offer their own app stores.

The hope of Google is that users prefer mobile phones with a pre-installed Play Store, thanks in part to the added security.