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Google Earth optimized for Honeycomb Android tablets

It's not that Google didn't have a version of Google Earth for Android still, in fact we already tell you about it here. But it is true that with the new tablets with HoneycombWell, it deserves a version optimized for them, as has been done with so many apps, whether Google or not.

Have added full 3D textures of buildings, as we can see with the Roman Colosseum, more simplified access for searches and layers for Google Places, or for photos in Panoramio, as well as information of the buildings.

We will also have the option «Fly to your location», an option very similar to the location in Google Maps. As you can see the content is launched in pop ups instead of changing your screen, and that is precisely because of the fact of seeing yourself on a tablet.

Actually, the update is for all Android (phones and tablet since 2.1), but the optimized version for tablets (3.0) is the key.

How beautiful everything looks from above, and from any angle, that is precisely what Google Earth brings us

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