Las plataformas sociales favoritas de la Generación Z para buscar regalos

Generation Z's favorite social platforms to find gifts

Generation Z's favorite social platforms to find gifts

Searches for gift options are triggered on these dates.

Being digital natives, Centennials see social media as a source of inspiration and influence for purchasing decisions.

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Can social platforms help motivate physical or online purchases? The answer to this question may be an s, however, it depends on the type of consumers.

In these last days it has been possible to notice the different efforts undertaken by brands, companies and businesses in order to take advantage of commercial events such as Buen Fin, Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday to boost sales. However, it is at this time when it is more important than ever to have a good understanding of the consumer and their shopping habits. As you know, each generation is different and the way in which these are influenced for the development of purchases can vary, for example, according to the Salesfloor platform, in the case of Baby Boomers these are more selective when choosing the sources in those who decide to trust to receive brand recommendations.

On the other hand, in the case of Generation Z, since they are digital natives, it is possible to say that social networks can play a key role in influencing their purchasing decisions. Understanding this can be key, particularly in a season like Christmas where the search for gift options increases.

Regarding the topic, in this day's chart we decided to go into detail with the sources that can influence Generation Z, highlighting the main sources or social platforms they come to look for gift options. If your brand is focused on this group of consumers, it can certainly be important to have this data.

As you can see, Instagram currently remains the main source of inspiration for the so-called Centennials, 82 percent surveyed of this generation, by NRF and Barnes & Noble College, stand out to the social network owned by Facebook Inc.

After Instagram, YouTube stands out, with 49 percent of mentions, as another key channel that Generation Z goes to, with this it can be understood that developing videos for this platform can be helpful to capture your attention.

Finally, Pinterest is in the third position as a source of inspiration. Despite not having the large numbers of social networks such as Facebook or Instagram, one of its most significant advantages, and for which many brands contemplate it within their social media strategies, is that many people go to this space to identify ideas of gift that can influence your purchase decisions.