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From December 23 to 27, Apple will not accept applications

App Store

The App Store is a platform for distributing high quality applications through which users we can access all kinds of content to cover any type of need of our digital life. And this great quality is due both to the efforts of the developers behind each creation, and to those who are responsible for reviewing each of the apps that are sent to the platform. A hard work that deserves recognition.

So, like every year, Apple will close for a few days to certain functions of App Store Connect, the tool used for developers to publish their apps. Of the next December 23 until the 27 of the same month, the App Store does not accept requests for the publication of new apps or updates for existing apps. Therefore, those who want to publish their applications on those days should take special measures for the occasion.

Specific, it will be possible to schedule the publication of apps and updates for that period of time in which App Store Connect will not be 100% available. However, they must be reviewed and approved before the closing date, or they will remain outside the App Store until December 27. It is necessary to remember that you can continue using the rest of the utilities offered by App Store Connect, since only the publication of apps will be temporarily suspended during these holidays.

App store

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This little break, a classic for Cupertino, is the starting signal for a new year full of news in apps and updates For those we love so much. A few days in which Apple developers and employees can disconnect from their projects, to resume them more willingly than ever after the break.