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Folding phones will continue to be a niche product for years: analyst


Huawei Mate X can cost you about $ 2,600 the cost is one of the reasons why Gartner expects the sale of folding phones to be slow.

Jessica Dolcourt / CNET

Samsung and Huawei were among the companies that did more scandal with their foldable phones at the MWC in Barcelona last February, however, despite the noise, an analyst believes that these models will not appropriate the smart phone market in a good while .

Foldable phones will reach 30 million units by 2023, which is 5 percent of the high-end phone market, Gartner predicted on Monday.

Ms on foldable phones

Roberta Cozza, research director at Gartner, expects people to use their flexible screen phones as they use their normal smartphones by seeing them hundreds of times a day. Users will deploy their devices such as Samsung's Galaxy Fold and Huawei Mate X "sporadically" to type on the plastic screen, which can be scratched quickly, depending on the folding mechanism.

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"For the next five years, we expect folding phones to remain a nich product due to various manufacturing challenges," the executive said in a statement.

"In addition to the surface of the screen, the price is a barrier even though we expect it to go down over time," he added. "At the current price of US $ 2,000, folding phones represent many sacrifices even for people accustomed to adopting new technology."

The Galaxy Fold is expected to hit the market on April 26, while the Mate X is scheduled for mid-year.

Gartner also expects cell phone manufacturers to make modifications to their designs in the short term, in that they adapt to the feedback of the first users.

"A key consideration for product managers is to give priority to the ease of use in the development of their products, ensuring that the user experience is continuous and without problems with the playable screens," Cozza explained.