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Everything that matters about the London Season of Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour He continues in his crusade to become the best racing game of 2019. We are convinced that he will achieve it, because he is pulverizing all the records thanks to his playability, and the popularity of the characters of the Champin Kingdom. But for this to continue happening, Nintendo must bring news from time to time.

And that is exactly what the nipn developer has done, because today they presented the First details of the sixth season of Mario Kart Tour. From next Wednesday, Mario and his friends move to British lands for two weeks, specifically to London, where new challenges and challenges await them. In addition, the online multiplayer mode beta may be presented.

What to expect for the London season of Mario Kart Tour?

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According to images posted on the Mario Kart Tour Facebook page, the first thing we know is that there will be two new characters. One is the wicked Waluigi, while the other silhouette is the princess daisy, which will surely come with a new aesthetic and skills. Of course, we bet they are Christmas skins, for the current winter season, but it's just a guess.

The other thing that attracts attention in published images is that, as in all seasons based on cities, there will be a new circuit loaded with many cones from the city of the Tmesis. The classics red buses two-story, the The Shard skyscraper which adorns the view of the London bridge, and even its town hall. You can also visit historic places like the Trafalgar Square, and the name Big ben.

They are also expected to launch new karts and hang gliding Based in this city. The London season starts on Wednesday December 4 at 07: 0 a.m., and ends on December 18 at 6:59 p.m., so don't miss this new one London tour.

Watch for Mario Kart Tour updates, so you can continue running the craziest circuits of all from your mobile. But in the meantime, you can learn some tricks to be the fastest of all.

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