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Download the new Google Files, the file manager

If there is something that Android has always lacked, it is a decent file manager; Yes, there is an integrated file browser, but for the average user it is usually not enough. So many people installed third-party managers, some of an ominous quality.

Fortunately, last year on Google they decided to cover this niche with the launch of Files Go; a file manager that over the months has become increasingly powerful. Initially, Files Go was a way to manage our images and videos, send them online to other users, and clean our mobile junk files.

This is the new Google Files

But now it is much more. The biggest change was the arrival of a complete file manager; so we are no longer limited to our library, but we can browse the entire folder structure of our mobile. More and more options have also been added.

Google today announced the biggest update of Files Go so far; In fact, it is so large that they have even changed their name. Now Files Go will be renamed "Files by Google" or "Google Files"; OK, it's not that easy to remember, so most people will probably call it "Files." And is that Files is on its way to becoming the default option to manage our files.

More than a name change

In addition to the name change, the update also brings a redesign of the user experience; In other words, the interface has undergone changes to clean the visual style, and make it easier to use. According to Google, the focus is now on the content we have on our mobile.

All this translates into a more minimalist style, based on cards that show information related to the maintenance of our mobile. In colors predominates white and blue, and everything is more direct; although it does not seem that the app itself has changed much. We can find the same features as always, but now it is more pleasant to use them.

Google Files is now available in the Play Store, and should begin to be updated gradually to all users.