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Download now the Cars 3 game for your Android mobile

We already have available the Android game of Cars 3, the next installment of this saga so acclaimed for its time in theaters. His name is Cars: Lightning League and you can download it right now and take a few races.

If you are a fan of the saga Cars or just want to try a somewhat different game, you're in luck. It is already possible to download the game for Android of Cars, called Cars: Lightning League. A casual and very good game that will take us out of more than one stupor in which we are submerged, and that does not weigh too much. You can play it on almost any device, so it is taking time to go to the Play Store and try it.

Cars: Lightning League, perfect for disconnecting

Download the Cars 3 game for your Android mobile now

This game, Now available for download, it has a fairly simple game system: you drive between three lanes among which you can move simply by dragging to that side. You drive Lightning McQueen, how could it be otherwise and its mechanics remind us of other games how the Sonic dash.

We must move through the circuit based on gestures similar to those we use to change lanes and using the improvements we find in the circuit.

Download the Cars 3 game for your Android mobile now

The first feeling we have with Cars: Lightning League is that it has job behind. We will have the voice of Lightning himself guiding us throughout the game in a perhaps somewhat tedious tutorial, and we can have a clear idea of ??how this title works in the first moment of playing. Its operation is simple, and it is appreciated. Because for more specialized racing games, we already have Asphalt.

Cars: Lightning League is perfect to spend a little of the world and relax

In addition, we will not lack levels. In the map of available levels comes to mind immediately Candy Crush's because it closely resembles the length. We can improve Lightning as we collect coins around the map and unlock circuits. Normal in this kind of games.

Download the Cars 3 game for your Android mobile now

On the other hand, we will have the classic system of boxes with improvements, something that is spreading more and more in Android games. You will get them by finishing different circuits and they will give you different enhancers, gems or coins which of course will serve to improve your car and better face the challenges. It is designed so that those who want to collect as many boxes as possible, do not break their heads too much.

Download Cars: Lightning League now!

Download the Cars 3 game for your Android mobile now

This game, how could it be otherwise, is in shape free in the Google Play Store ready for download. Also owns sporadic ads that at least they will give us coins or various objects. The advertising is not very intrusive in the interface, and even after playing it gives you the feeling of not having a touch, which is of to thank and more in this type of more casual games.