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Chat4All translates "on the fly" tests between gamers from different countries

If Discord was a before and after in the gamers community communication of I don't know how many games, Chat4All comes as the link between gamers of different nationalities when translating texts ?on the fly?.

That is, if we have Discord to communicate in a specific game community, or even a clan, with this new messaging appWe will be able to communicate quickly although our colleague we have met in PUBG Online speaks in Chinese and we in Danish.

An app dedicated primarily to gamers


It is a fact that mobile phones have managed to connect very easily to players of all nationalities and time zones. If for whatever reason we play very early, because our workday is in the afternoon, we can find players from other latitudes with whom we get along very well in the games, but with whom we are not able to understand anything.

That is why this app called Chat4All has been created and it makes everything easy for that thanks to the translation "on the fly", you can communicate with that Japanese colleague with whom you get many victories in games like Fortnite or PUBG MObile.

It is mainly dedicated to the ?on the fly? translation and the ability to be able to share videos and images. That multimedia content that we will share can ?spice it up? with a meme that explains what the thing is with the video. That is, we have an app dedicated mainly to communication between people who in real life would need a translator; or the great novelty that was for Google Assistant to translate instantly.

Fiddling with the messaging app called Chat4All


Chat4All, before talking a little about how the app is when you have it installed, you have a premium option for ? 3.99 per month and that allows us to choose which are the languages ??that we do not want to translate on the flight, the automatic translation and eliminate the publicity that we are going to have well present in the free version from the beginning.

So if you want to take advantage of your entire proposal, you will have to go to the cashier to pay that amount per month. As regards the app, it is a well-defined app, although we found some interface failures. For example, when we create a group, the text that indicates where to put the name is superimposed, and so we will find some other fault.

Also, advertising permanent at the bottom is more than annoying. And, unless we go to the profile or some area of ??the configuration, we will keep it in mind to get to hate it. And if you make a mistake and press the advertising, it will take you to it by leaving the app.

It lacks a bit of spells


Chat4All is a great idea, and the app from the first start it takes us to a lower bar from which we can go to messages, friends, search, notifications and settings. From the configuration we can access the subscription or simply change some things like the application language or the blocked list.

It is important that go to your profile and change the language with which the text of our digital friend will be automatically translated. And more or less this is what Chat4All brings us. We can also count on the ability to create groups and thus have a space to share all the multimedia content said above.

It?s an interesting idea, but the fact of the monthly cost You can push back many. Of course, those who need to be up to date in communications with some colleagues of games such as sayings, perhaps it is important, but at that cost we find it rare.

A app called Chat4All and that comes to cover an empty gap to which no other has given solution. Hopefully move file or other application take what is seen and improve it to translate texts simultaneously on the fly.

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