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Boing, the brand that in RRSS was placed with respect to the first year of AMLO's government

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  • In the first year of AMLO, the voices for and against his actions as president of Mexico are expressed on all levels.
  • Through social networks, it was pointed out that some message attendees that were offered were "carried".
  • Discover how the Mexican brand Boing relates to this complaint through Twitter.

The first year of government of the president of Mexico, Andrs Manuel Lpez Obrador and between those who support and those who disapprove of the political measures, government actions, decisions and also the anecdotes and problems that have occurred during the first sixth of this administration have passed also produced a conversation through social networks, as a faithful reflection of the generation of ideas by public opinion.

Through Twitter it has been placed, along with the other topics related to the commemoration, the typical Boing, a product that is part of the Pascual brand, which is constituted as a cooperative in its business administration and is located as an important competitor in the Soft drinks and beverages market nationwide.

But the brand is placed in the digital conversation because its products became noticeable during the concentration of people who gathered to listen to the message that President López Obrador gave to the citizen from the Zcalo of the Mexican capital.

And it is that the drink will have been part of the refreshments that were granted to various organized groups that were responsible for going to the Plaza de Constitucion to hear the president's message.

It will be the so-called "hauled", term that is acted during the years in which they presided in Mxio presidents emanating from the Institutional Revolutionary Party, the PRI, to refer to groups of people who attend mass rallies, rallies and acts of support for the politicians of the little – including the president – in exchange for compensation, economic payments or in kind.

In some cases, it is said that groups of members attend a social organization and that the only payment they receive in exchange for supporting the speakers of the events was the snack.

The critical voices to the AMLO government and its government actions indicate that the practice of hauling took place this day and testify through photographic images that show these luck of luncho box or snacks in which Boing brand beverages are appreciated.

Boing, the brand that in RRSS was placed with respect to the first year of AMLO's government
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