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Apple May Sell 50 Million iPhone This Christmas

In a report by Canaccord Genuity, the analyst Mike Walkley has recommended to its investors that if the next iPhone 5 brings a complete change of appearance, Apple may sell more than 50 million terminals this Christmas.

Apple May Sell 50 Million iPhone This Christmas

The number will far exceed 37 million iPhone sold last Christmas, which already doubled the results of the previous year. How is this possible? ascent without brake?

Apparently, the key will be that Apple's new smartphone will have a 4-inch screen and LTE support, features that until now were exclusive to Android. This will attract many buyers, in addition to tempting the owners of a 4S to upgrade their terminal.

Another key is that Apple is putting the batteries to ensure its availability worldwide from the moment of departure, so that they do not have problems to distribute the iPhone 5 to all corners of the planet.

In addition, the launch of the new iPhone will see how the previous models are reduced in price and even so they are still very attractive terminals, which will convince many who have not yet tried Apple technologies.

Uniting all these factors, it is not crazy to think that Apple can beat all sales records this Christmas.

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Apple May Sell 50 Million iPhone This Christmas
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