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Apple change the screen of the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro in 2020

It seems that the few panels OLED In many of Apple's products it comes to an end, or that is what has been said in the market. So much so, that in 2020 some devices, such as iPad Pro arrive with a new screen which, at least on paper, is beneficial for users. We show what is expected to be chosen.

For some time now it has been indicated that the Cupertino company intends to make use of new panels in its devices, seeking better efficiency for users and, in addition, a reduction in costs without losing quality. And it seems that the 2020 He is the one chosen to start with the transition that, as usual in Apple, be calm and gradual (So ??you don't have to wait for all your products to make the leap).

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The type of component to be used instead of OLED is mini LED and, from what has been known, the first two devices that will use this type of screen will be the 12-inch iPad Pro and the sixteen MacBook pro. Of course, according to the source of the information, it will not take long for up to six Apple products to use the new hardware as a panel, so the decision is final on the part of the company now led by Tim Cook.

MacBook Pro

Reasons for Apple to change on iPad Pro and MacBook Pro

If you wonder about the positive that mini LED panels offer, these are varied. For starters, these components offer a density of elements that allow the color range is wider and the contrast is much better (We always talk compared to OELD). In addition, aesthetically they are beneficial, since they are much thinner and, therefore, allow both a greater use of layers and that the design is improved.

All this is achieved with some additional benefits, apart from the purely economic for Apple, since the energy consumption is more efficient, which impacts positively in the autonomous region. In addition, the burn-out wear it offers, at least on paper, is as good as in OLEDs. Of course, it seems that at first it has been decided to use this panel in the more professional models -like for example the mentioned iPad Pro-, since this is where you are looking for a greater accuracy which is among other things what allows mini LED.

iPad Pro 2018

Possible arrival of models with mini LED display

The fact is that the screen change on the iPad Pro and MacBook Pro seems to be totally decided by Apple and that not take long in seeing the first models on the market, and it is expected that the corresponding iterations of both devices will be announced in early 2020. Is this a new success on the part of the company of the bitten apple? What do you think?