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a mini computer that fits in the palm of your hand

Lenovo introduces the newLenovo ideacentre Stick 300, the first mini computer with pendrive format of the company, that is, with a size that fits in any pocket. This new device has been designed for consumers who work from home as well as those who travel constantly.

How is it different from other computers? In three aspects that we summarize below:

  1. It can be connected to any screen to make it an ideal computer for audiovisual content, web browsing, video calls and content creation.
  2. Its price is quite affordable (from 129US $, that is about 100 euros).
  3. It offers great performance thanks to the IntelAtom Z3735F processor and the familiarity of the Windows operating system, which initially includes its Windows 8.1 version but with possibility to upgrade for free to Windows 10.

Lenovo mini computer: Your keys

Let's delve deeper into this gadget: This new device expands the mobile PC experience and options for smarter shoppers, since it can be used both at home, in the bedroom or in the office, while offering portability and comfort For the most travelers.

Thanks to its plug and play technology, you can convert an HDMI-compatible TV or any monitor on a Windows PC with all its features. At first glance, the ideacentre Stick 300 does not look like a traditional computer, but once connected it can work as one more, especially if we add a 2.4GHz wireless keyboard and mouse.

He ideacentre Stick 300 It measures only 15 mm and includes the IntelAtom Z3735F processor, 2G of memory, 32G of storage and Windows operating system, which initially includes its version Windows 8.1 but with the possibility of upgrading for free to Windows 10 from July 29. It is fully compatible with WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0, so it offers the necessary connectivity to work at any time.

We have always kept in mind the needs of all travelers, businessmen and families, and that is why we realized that we had to look for a really portable and affordable solution, since this would be a really interesting advantage for any user, be it Jun Ouyang, vice president and general manager of Lenovo Worldwide Desktop and Visuals Business Unit, PC Group. With the arrival of the ideacentre Stick 300 our idea is to offer these users a feeling of freedom and greater mobility, while offering a great technological breakthrough in a really small and compact device.

As things, theLenovo ideacentre Stick 300 mini computer be available at and at the main distributors in early July and at an irresistible price since it arrives with a price from $ 129.

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