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5 reasons to buy it and 5 reasons not to buy it

He Apple watch It is already among us. Well, it's already in the Apple stores in Spain and much of the world, and in the faces of the "early adopters", or the most loyal followers of the brand of the bitten apple.

There are not many mysteries around Apple's smart watch… From its launch until today, we know almost everything about the Apple Watch: it comes in three different editions (the standard, the sport, and the premium edition); the users have the choice of two different screen sizes – 38 mm or 42 mm – and a selection of six colors, as well as a wide range of belts … If we summarize its main functions we can say that with this device:

  • You can receive calls on your face.
  • You can control your physical activity.
  • You can control the music and emails on the iPhone.
  • You can have the functions of third-party applications.

And basically that is it. As with every smart watch, but… Better let's count what are the reasons why you should have this device and the reasons why you should not have it. So maybe we can help you make the final decision to buy it or not to buy it.

Why should you buy the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch: 5 reasons to buy it and 5 reasons not to buy itApple Watch: 5 reasons to buy it and 5 reasons not to buy it

1.- If you need extra motivation to start moving

The fitness application of this device tracks its movement and sends reminders, both through the on-screen display and with optical pulses, to make the user stand, walk and exercise. If you invest in it, you may be interested in making your investment profitable by doing a little sport, right?

2.- If you are looking for a new way to organize yourself

The objective of this watch is to "free" our smartphones … Although it depends on them for a long time. This can be explained because with a few clicks you can eliminate some tasks that are normally done on the mobile phone, such as sending by email, sending text messages and browsing the music that users normally do on their iPhones. However, the device also allows us to look less socially clumsy than when we look at our phones, better integrating technology into our days.

3.- If you have disposable income or you are an Apple fan

It goes without saying that the fantastic faithful of this brand will see this device as an essential gadget for them. Also, for people who have more income, buy this device and try it not to be a problem. It can also be an aspirational object in search of status.

4.- If you want to be among the first, that is, you are an ‘early adopter’

We must accept that this watch is at the forefront in terms of technology. And if you are one of the first we can also talk about the “bragging” factor that everyone will have once they use it.

5.- If you want to take advantage of the various functions of the applications

This smartwatch comes with beautiful applications designed by Apple. But it has also attracted the attention of many developers, making hundreds of applications for the device, although some are not so well designed, they do have interesting functions.

Why you should NOT buy the Apple Watch?

Apple Watch: 5 reasons to buy it and 5 reasons not to buy itApple Watch: 5 reasons to buy it and 5 reasons not to buy it

It is necessary to clarify that to be able to operate this smartwatch it will have to be paired to an iPhone 5, 6 6 +. If you do not have an iPhone then it does not make much sense to acquire the Apple watch. That is the first thing you should know before running to the store to buy it. The following to consider, will be summarized in the following points:

1.- If you are worried about the battery life

You have to keep in mind that this watch will have to be charged every day, as you would with a smart phone, this is due to the high resolution of the small screen of the device, which makes your battery last more or less 18 hours . If we compare it with rivals such as Pebble, which boasts a battery life of up to 10 days on a single charge, with the help of its low-power display, or even with Samsung's Galaxy Gear Fit, which lasts up to 5 days with a single charge, then if we notice that there is a problem with the smartwatch battery.

2.- If you are waiting for innovative improvements for health care

The Apple Watch has several sensors for sport. But they really fall short if we think of health patients. It's more what they say he does than what he really does. The clock is a disappointment for the health care industry.

3.- If you are already quite fit … and you are reasonable of the price of the device

You can really get most of the fitness features of this device with a cheaper smart watch or portable band, such as a Fitbit.

4.- If you care about the cost

As the old saying goes; if you want quality, you have to be willing to pay for it. The entry price for the Apple watch is $ 299, and the premium edition watch costs more than $ 13,000. The watch does not have the advantage of becoming in a family heirloom the way other luxury watches do. As your battery can't be replaced, eventually stop working… Keep that in mind

5.- And the final question is do you really need it?

Unlike smart phones, smartwatches lack a truly defined purpose. Apple's watch combines the functionality of a phone – calls, text messages, emails, etc. – and the benefits of health monitoring – frequency sensor cardiac, the number of steps it takes, touch reminders to move, etc. – but There is not a single basic and basic function that any other smart watch does not offer.

I particularly think that this device will serve more by marking the status than by its functionality. While a classic watch derives value from its age and timelessness, an element of technology does so since its novelty and actuality, and these cannot coexist.

And if we have at least one watch, then I can infer that some days you will not use the smartwatch, so the step count and its other functionalities will not have a true result.

My experience and opinion

Now, speaking as a holder of several smartwatch devices I can tell you that the first few days are very special, but then the constant notifications bother, the daily load sessions bother, it bothers that if you forget to charge them you cannot use them the next day, etc. That is, finally everything ends up annoying because you realize that all the novelties that initially sell you, end up being little for what such an expensive device can do.

For this reason, for the announced death, for its cost and for everything that we discussed here, I believe that these devices are not ready to give us everything they should … Time.

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5 reasons to buy it and 5 reasons not to buy it
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