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Valve's Premium Index VR kit is sold out after the announcement of Alyx

The RoadToVR dedicated virtual reality website reports that Valve's own Index VR games have experienced a giant increase in purchases. It even went so far that the valve index is currently sold out and is not available for purchase in some territories. The news comes shortly after Valve unveiled the new chapter in the Half-Life universe with a dedicated virtual reality experience titled Half-Life: Alyx.

PC gaming giant Valve has been at the forefront of virtual reality technology since highly immersive technology experienced a massive resurgence of interest during this decade. Together with Occulus, Valve pioneered many technological and software standards. While Occulus created his own virtual reality device, Valve partnered with HTC and developed HTC Vive. It became the de facto Steam VR device. But virtual reality is a field in which great advances have been made in a short time and, therefore, Valve launched its own virtual reality device a few months ago, the valve index. Not only does it offer the most premium virtual reality experience on its headphones, but with the only index controllers of its kind, Valve's product can individually track the players' five fingers. Hence the index.

However, all these advanced features have a literal price, since the Index is the most expensive VR device currently on the market. It will cost you $ 999 just for the virtual reality kit that contains the headphones, two controllers and two base stations for tracking. Of course, you also need a gaming PC capable of handling the monstrously powerful index. After the Half-Life: Alyx announcement, Valve is now also giving away a copy of his next title to the index owners.

With such a high monetary requirement, it is even more impressive that the Valve index is currently depleted in the US. UU. And Canada. And that without having any discount. It shows how effective the name Half-Life can be and marks Alyx as the first true seller of virtual reality systems. We expect Valve to mitigate supply restrictions before Half-Life: Alyx will launch next year in March.