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These are all kinds of apps that are prohibited in the iOS and iPadOS App Store

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The App Store rene applications of all kinds. Think of something about your daily life, there is an app for that. We have applications for photography, productivity, social networks, instant messaging, cooking recipes, movies, entertainment and a great etctera.

Nevertheless, Not all kinds of applications are allowed in the iOS and iPadOS App Store. We all know the restrictions and strictness of Apple's regulations in its application store, and today we will announce what apps are prohibited in the App Store.

Of course, the list of applications that Apple has banned in its App Store is immense, so mentioning all of them will be a titanic task. Therefore, we will focus on listing a list of classes of applications that are prohibited in the iOS and iPadOS store. We start

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The prohibited apps from the App Store

1. Vaping apps


Apple is against vaping, does not consider it as correct and the company prohibits all applications related to this issue. In June, the signature of the bitten apple updated its guideline to indicate that vaping applications will no longer be allowed. And this month, Apple has taken another step and removed all existing vaping applications in the App Store. According to Apple's words, they removed the apps in an effort to mitigate "the health and welfare risks" of their users.

2. Cryptocurrency mining apps


Cryptocurrency applications, for the moment, are still allowed in the iOS App Store and iPadOS. But with one exception, cryptocurrency mining apps do not. Apple has banned all those applications that use system resources in the background, including this type of apps. Many of these apps use users' devices to mine cryptocurrencies in the background, thus giving the user experience of the operating system.

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3. Unsigned code apps


The signature of the bitten apple usually eliminates or rejects applications that are designed to use any type of unsigned code. This includes, of course, malware and malicious apps. But as indicated from iDP also includes other types of apps such as video game emulators. In addition, Apple will never allow an application to emulate the execution of another operating system on iOS and / or iPadOS.

4. Security Apps


Taking into account how focused Apple is on offering high levels of privacy and security on its mobile devices, it would be logical to think that security-related applications were very welcome in the App Store but … it is not. The reason? In addition to certain restrictions of the app store rules, it is also because they are absolutely unnecessary on iOS and on iPadOS. IPhone and iPad users do not require any antivirus or security apps since the operating system is already heavily shielded. On the other hand, these types of apps will need to gain deeper access to the system, something that Apple jams will allow.

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