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The tablets of the future – The Free Android

When he started boom of the ultraportable Many people wondered if they were a real or created need. That is, did we really need a laptop between 7 and 10 inches ?. The answer apparently was clear and many people took one of them, me among them, and I can attest that I have put it to good use but with a very important exception, I had a desktop computer and no laptop so my 10.1 inch small accompanied me on many trips. However, those who already had a laptop and bought one just a few inches smaller, especially because I have abandoned my little girl since I got a 15-inch laptop and a much higher power that I don't know «Drowns» as soon as I open two programs and at the same time it allows me to enjoy an acceptable screen. And he is also accompanying me in the suitcase.

You will wonder what this introduction is about and it is neither more nor less than to the rise of calls tablets in a race whose starting gun gave him Manzana with his iPad almost in the same way as with his iPhone revolutionized the world of smartphones (which never took off). The tablets have given the lace to the market of ultraportable that has collapsed spectacularly this year and is that now we can take with us a device that allows us to perform the same as a computer being, again, smaller. That is, we repeat the same concept but now we remove the keyboard.

As for the camera … it is clear that the video call will make an essential frontal camera, however I do not see that the race for an extra rear camera megapixels make a lot of sense, first because we should already know that megapixels they don't give quality to a photo, and second because precisely the rear camera of the iPad 2For example, it is not that he had much success. They say it is because of the poor quality of the photographs he takes but let's think for a moment … who will usually take a tablet 10 inches to take pictures ?.

The next field in which if we will see improvements should be the screen. First because an improvement in the image shown will be sought, second because it is what consumes the most battery in the device and if it is portable we should seek to save as much as possible in that sense, and thirdly because it is key to getting a smaller terminal. Many will think that 10 inches cannot "measure" less than 10 inches, but let's go by parts.

Samsung It is perhaps one of the companies that are making more efforts, or at least more advances for the public, in the field of screens. Their AMOLED, super AMOLED and super AMOLED plus They have become an object so coveted that they have reserved it for themselves even discriminating the same phone depending on the area where it was to be distributed since they cannot cover the demand. But beyond those models of maximum brightness and less and less consumption Samsung continues to work in other aspects that would be applied in the field of tablets.

From first we can see the new prototype LCD of 10.1 inches and a density of 300dpi, or what is the same a resolution of 2560 × 1600. A screen designed with tablets in mind using technology PenTile RGBW WQXGA from Noyvoyance, adventure companions of Samsung, and that allows a consumption Of battery 40% lower With a brightness of 300 cd / m2, but allowing up to 600 cd / m2 so that visibility in a bright environment is no problem.

On the other hand Samsung It also presents us with an even more innovative concept in screens looking to reduce the final size of the device even more. It is like not an evolution that allows you to create Folding AMOLEDs, as is. And it is that although so far the first nearby prototype that could be seen was a flexible screen of 4.5 inches (of which we leave a video below) Samsung I would continue working on the development of a screen that could be fold 180 degrees without damage (after 100,000 times there is no apparent damage and only a loss occurs in the folding area of ​​6% brightness but that the human eye does not appreciate). Our tablet therefore it could be like a Nintendo DSi XL.

Let's go back to the beginning and keep in mind that almost everything we have mentioned here is also being ported to mobile phones, such as processor power, high definition content playback, video calling. We also know that a mobile phone will always be a more real substitute for a camera than a tablet for convenience, but that in turn it will lose in terms of screen size … or maybe win if what matters to us right now It is the comfort of a smaller device and can always carry it on top.

Do you think then that tablets are a fad like ultraportables? Do you think they are here to stay? further Samsung It is not the only one that investigates with deformable screens so how much is left to be able to see a tablet with the Sony screen? Will we still call it “tablet”?

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The tablets of the future – The Free Android
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