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The Phoenix Point PC launch trailer is here

Get up from the ashes and fight the mutant enemies on December 3.

Snapshot Games " Fnix point, a spiritual successor of X-COM from creator Julian Gollop, come out next week. To celebrate the next release, the developer has a new launch trailer. Check out below, complete with both large and small errors.

Taking place in 2047, Fnix point it is about the Earth being invaded by an outbreak of the Pandora virus. Humanity is more or less decimated with three factions competing for control and all kinds of nightmare creatures running. It is up to the Phoenix Project to restore order, if not to ensure the survival of humanity.

Along with the tactical turn-based strategy combat, players will have to face enemies that evolve with each new battle. Sabotage the other factions, accumulate resources and mount an offensive are just some of the things that players will have to do. Fnix point will be released on December 3 for PC through Epic Games Store. Reach Xbox One in Q1 2020 and PS4 by the end of next year.

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