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The Huawei Mate X is already being mass produced

Huawei Mate X

A few weeks ago an important news was confirmed: The Huawei Mate X would reach the market from October. The first folding phone of the Chinese brand has suffered several delays in its launch. After months of waiting, it was expected to arrive in June, the phone is finally ready to be launched. China would be the first market in which it is launched.

The company has all ready for the launch of this Huawei Mate X. In fact, they are already mass-producing the phone, which makes it clear that the international launch of the phone will not have to wait too long. Although we still have no official dates on their part.

The Huawei Mate X will launch later this month in China. The brand bets as usual for its main market, the domestic, to launch this phone officially. Once it has already been launched in China, it is expected that before the end of the year this model will reach other markets as well.

Huawei Mate X

In these months, the device has undergone a series of changes. As we told you months ago, a new processor will be used in it (Kirin 990) and one more camera has been added to the phone. Therefore, better performance is expected compared to the model in February.

Huawei hopes in this way that the phone can compete in the market. The expectation towards this Huawei Mate X is still high, to see if it really lives up to expectations. Since the doubts about the viability of folding phones They are still present.

The reception of the Galaxy Fold in the market is being positive so far, with good sales. Therefore, it is expected that also this Huawei Mate X will be able to sell well. We will have to wait a few weeks until we have official release dates for this model.

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