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The best Android apps to read news on your tablet

Today we are going to unravel a bit from the usual audience that are the phones, and we will pay attention to the public with tablets. We take advantage because we will not be able to do it for a long time, since at the end of the year the branches of Android will be unified again with Ice Cream Sandwich. Now that at the moment they are separated, there are applications developed specifically for tablets, which although for now it is a rather small market, it is quite active. There are also many adapted applications, but in general those that are specific have better results.

We will talk about applications to read the news. Because of its size, our tablet can take the form of a newspaper or magazine every morning without any problem. Our toast with jam, our coffee, and we lying on the couch with our tablet finding out what is cooked around the world. Yes, it would be nice to live like this in the morning, right? At least I hope you have been able to enjoy this kind in your life. We go with 2 applications that will transform our tablet into a news reader quickly so that these fantastic mornings are not so far away.


Probably the best of the two we are going to talk about. I really like the interface, perhaps largely like Honeycomb. This app gathers about 1500 sources of information in one place. We can filter by categories, companies, suppliers and by location, among other criteria. A very good point about this is that it is able to collect your position using GPS or Wi-Fi, so that even if you are traveling, when you go to read, the featured news of the area where you are located will locate you, and not on a fixed place.

Something very remarkable is that it will also be able to collect from different social sources if we allow it. By this I mean that In addition to the sources of information you provide, you can create a personal news list using information from Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, Google Reader … And even more, we can link our Facebook account so that it uses our interests as important categories, and collect news about them.

Without a doubt, I think it's an app Very complete. As I said, a very good interface, and besides that very useful functions and that make it a very practical and intuitive application. Is free, and therefore I encourage you to try it without the slightest doubt.

News360 for Tablets | Android Market

Your version

In this case we have a slightly new concept. Nothing strange, but not so usual. The operation of YourVersion is that you look for any topic, and it will offer you a list of news related to that topic. Let's say We can create a list with the topics that interest us, and we will always have that list as our feed. This application is not as attractive as the previous one, because comes from an adaptation of the Android version. If you like the operation, you can use it on the phone. Part of his grace is also that it works on the web. Therefore, we will have our synchronized things, and we can visualize them and work with them from any device.

Even so, it doesn't have much more mystery than this. I, between these two, would definitely stay with News360, which I liked very much. Even so, YourVersion is not a bad application at all, so I also recommend you to try it, and I also leave you a video so you can see it active. It is also free.

YourVersion Tablet | Android Market

Before finishing I leave you with other links, but this time at official apps from various newspapers, in its version for tablet. Of the three, the one I like the most is that of CNN.

USA TODAY for Tablet | Android Market

NYTimes app for tablet | Android Market

CNN App for Android Tablet | Android Market

Do you have good morning with your tablet?