The SEGA classics for free thanks to SEGA Forever: download them now

SEGA classics will come to Android for free thanks to SEGA Forever

SEGA Forever is the company's commitment to bring its classics to mobile devices. They will be available for free and with the option to remove the ads.

Those of us who have grown up with video games have Sonic and SEGA in our «gamer heart». From the first Sonic running through Master System to the classics of Dreamcast, the last console of the Japanese company. Crazy Taxi, Jet Set Radio … Many of these classics are already on Android, but many more will arrive: SEGA Forever will take care of it.

What is SEGA Forever? It is a new effort by the Japanese company to revitalize its classics trying to reach all types of users. Nothing better for this than using smartphones; going through making them free and with ads, something SEGA knows how to do well. Although with an incentive: We can buy the game to erase all advertising at a stroke.

SEGA Forever, the Mega Drive or Dreamcast classics adapted to mobile phones

The SEGA classics for free thanks to SEGA Forever: download them now

This is what the latest SEGA proposes. At the moment it starts with a very fair list of titles (5), but little by little they will arrive more as the company sees how they have received. The classic games that we can play now for free are:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Altered Beast
  • Phantasy Star II
  • Kid Chameleon
  • Comix Zone

As we said, SEGA will be bringing more classic titles to Forever so that we can relive the history of video games. As announced on its website, the next title to arrive will be Virtua Tennis. Yes, you will be thinking that this particular game (and one of the list above) was already on Google Play, but not under the SEGA Forever seal. This has the following characteristics.

  • They are free games with ads.
  • Can be played no need to have internet connection.
  • They are the complete games, just as they worked on the original platform.
  • The games have been adapted to the touch controls of the smartphone; although some also have support for physical controls.
  • All games will have access to eliminate advertising with a in-app purchase of 2.26 euros.

Download the first SEGA Forever games now

The SEGA classics for free thanks to SEGA Forever: download them now

You already have the first 5 titles available. You do not need to pay anything for them: it is so easy to revive your "young years" that you just have to click on the links below. «SE-GA» …

The Sonic I keeps the payment of 2.99 euros, but it should not take long to appear for free. Wait until that happens: SEGA Forever just showed up and it may take time to update the available titles. It is already updated and free. With ads, yes.