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Nico payment games: pay and complete it

The games «Freemium» Each time they are spreading more. There are more and more free games but with in-app purchases. Do you want games where a payment is enough to unlock everything? We present the best of Android.

Some time ago it was learned that the Apple Store, without having as many downloads as the Google Play Store he got many more benefits than your sister on Android. The large number of games in our app store are called «Freemium». Games that being free have purchases inside the app that serve to advance notably within the title itself. They proliferate so much that sometimes it is tiresome to have to go through "capados" games, with hundreds of casual payments flying through our pocket.

I declare myself a defender of the games of single payment, that is, the ones you pay once and are completely yours They are not as colorful in Google Play as opposed to free ones, but there is a certain collection of games that are the best and more for the price they own. Today, we show you the best games whose price is fixed and you shouldn't pay for anything else.


One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

No, what you see it's not oceanhorn, but he is his older brother. Yes, we are lucky to have something on Android that is what more similar there is to a Zelda. Adventures, monsters, dungeons accompany us in this game that we talked about a while ago and is considered one of the most interesting games in the Google Play Store catalog. Let's take a quick look.

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

It looks like a console game, but it is not. It's on Steam, it went through iOS and we have it on Android. And simply and simply a mini Zelda For our mobiles. Smooth playability, a very interesting story mode and maps that are bigger to be a game dedicated to mobile devices than we can expect. Without a doubt, all the work we had been needing on Android for a long time.

Oceanhorn is what we needed on Android: a dense and complete game

You only have a payment of about 5'99 euros, after completing a small demo. It is a price more than reasonable for a game of its length and characteristics, which has achieved the love of its audience and has been enshrined as one of the best games out there of Android. I have been able to play it and I can say with my hand on my chest that it is 6 euros very well invested, and more if you were looking for something different and dense to play. Are you going to miss it?


One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

LIMBO it's a game that landed on Android over two years ago and I can say it's a complete artwork. I bought it myself when it was on sale at the beginning of the year and it is one of the best purchases I have made on Android. A game mysterious, enveloping, and with a quality and work worthy of a study what puts love to your games Today it is still a title that arouses love among its fans and that I always recommend when you have a few euros to spend on Google Play.

This game costs exactly 5’30 euros currently. It may seem expensive for some, but follow the mantra of this article: you pay for it and you don't have to pay anything else. Moreover, it could be said that it is the antithesis from Ocearnhorn. While this ebulle adventure and complexity, LIMBO can be considered an extremely minimalist game. There is no tutorial or a HUD to guide us in the controls and there are no dialogues. It's only you, the silhouette you drive, the black and white world and the soft murmur of the mystery among the trees.

I will only add that this game will leave you upset from the minute 1 in which you will be playing. The story today remains a mystery whose basis is theories and speculation without any real confirmation. And all i know I will not share it, because it is something that you must elucubrar yourselves. You will understand …

Deus Ex GO

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

In this list you will not see no saga of games, although I would have liked it. When to follow a story you must continue to buy games, it is no longer a single payment game. Therefore, although in this section I would have liked a lot put the saga The room (which we mentioned in another article) we will put another puzzle game that we already tried and we really liked it: Deus Ex GO. Do you like strategy games? Stay, this interests you.

It is a strategy game with a theme futuristic and minimalist On a board, you must overcome obstacles by moving through it and moving from level to level. You must defeat to your enemies in a somewhat subterfuge way and using the elements and improvements that are presented to you on the map. Our brain will guide Adam Jensen, our protagonist, through the Novak mansion and we will also use a fundamental invention in this game: Invisibility Strategy and stealth are hand in hand in this Square Enix title.

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

This game is available to 80% discount with a value of 1’09 euros. By one euro You have an interesting, different, complete and above all entertaining game. Take advantage of this offer that is now valid and squeeze your brain That does not hurt from time to time.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

We finish this list with an acquaintance for almost all (or all really) the players that we read The Free Android. Oh, how many hours I will have stuck playing Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2. I spent the dead hours playing with my friends to this title so… "carefree" raging in the city of the same name, San Andreas.

We must clarify that this game is not for all budgets, or for all devices, Not for all audiences. It is a somewhat strong game for the most impressionable minds and, having quite advanced graphics for the type of device to which it is dedicated, you will need a Powerful Android to run it In addition, although it is still a single payment game, it costs 6’99 euros, a figure that not every day we can invest in a mobile game.

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

After this, the game will be unlocked completely. You will have to manage to play, since the controls are not very simple and you may need a separate command to get the whole game out of this Rockstar title. I've played a lot on tablets and mobile phones and you have to have some patience to get used to to the controls. If you are a fan of the GTA saga, you can't miss having it on your Android.

Bonus track: Final Fantasy Edition

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

If you like role-playing games and have lived the Golden season of this type of videogames, surely you've heard of the Final Fantasy, by active and passive. Being games so old and with some graphics of the time, it has been inevitable that they ended up landing on our phones and we have available to the user several titles of one of the most prestigious and emblematic sagas in the history of video games.

Specifically, we have these games available on Google Play:

  • Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy II
  • Final Fantasy III
  • Final Fantasy IV / After Years
  • Final Fantasy V
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Final Fantasy IX

One-time payment games: pay once and get it full

On the other hand, we have a complete collection of other minor Final Fantasy, such as the Tactis, Dimensions or Brave Exvius. From the Square Enix page on Google Play you have them all available. Although we already warned you that if GTA: San Andreas seemed expensive, Here he will give you something. Prices are around 7 euros until 20 in the case of Final Fantasy IX. This is for the true ones. saga lovers, and being one of them, I think Square Enix has passed a tad with the total cost of several of his games. But anyway, who wants something, something costs him. No?

Nico payment games: pay and complete it
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