New Xiaomi lamp that can be used for flashlight and external battery

New Xiaomi lamp that can be used for flashlight and external battery

That a technological device offers more than one type of use It is really positive, since in this way different needs that can be had are solved. And this is just what a new product of Xiaomi which, among other things, has the functions of lamp and external battery. We show what it offers to be attractive.

The truth is that devices are becoming more common, especially thanks to their design, which can be used to perform various actions. The case is that this new product has an elongated cylindrical shape that ends in metal (aluminum), so manipulating it is really comfortable. And, this is important since the third possibility offered by the accessory that has been announced that this accessory has is that of Lantern, so that its ergonomics are quite good – and it is not lacking from a switch of habitual use and a reinforcement in the place where the light is emitted.

External large capacity batteries with USB Type-C

Inside there is a rechargeable battery that has an amperage of 2,600 mAh, which allows it to be used as a Power Bank, since it does not lack a take USB type A, something that becomes a good lifesaver at times when smartphones or tablets are in the past. Of course, nothing fast or similar, but at least it offers this possibility … that as an emergency solution is not bad.

Use as an external Xiaomi lamp battery

Additional options of the new Xiaomi lamp

Something that is quite curious about this product is that several are included sensors so that the use of this form is as efficient as possible. Thus, apart from being able to use it hanging on the wall or as a floor lamp on the desk, options for detect the presence of people up to three meters – and 120 degrees – so that it turns on or off and, in addition, measures the ambient light to adjust the one that emits the integrated LEDs that are of low consumption.

"Xiaomi "Use

Interesting to indicate that this product has protection against water and dust, so its resistance is quite large. In addition, it is able to illuminate rooms of up to 20 square meters without many problems. With some dimensions is 143 x 27 mm, the price of this lamp, which has been launched in crowdfunding, is 16 euros to change, so as always with Xiaomi, this is a rather striking section of its accessories.