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LG G8 ThinQ: Double unboxing – Video

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And G eight felt that the new flagship phone of the South Korean company and we will be next.
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The sentence to see with the only thing that values ??sixty thousand users do not assume the limit between the three leaders in the valley with a bond attached to Juan Mars Lorenzo.
Sister Teresa Jurez In the other thing that makes interesting and has a double camera not in Korea, one with three cameras is sold, which obviously is the most attractive but in the United States in many parts of the world that phone is sold.
Bright President and Csar Fabin down the street what you grant me Cristiano thank you choose towel doors. Truth is better than there have been failures we found and from the warranty of the decades I am recreated the second year without any problem.
These two years of guarantee what you are offering or the one of how the E six got by which is quite good.
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For me it is a thing Juan two in yours has been as I know with the case in the studio.
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We have this one.
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To have more countries that resemble from now on and that is how Japan earned. And I think this tool. In the drug to his stomach and in that it is the most widely used tool more important than the behavior.
No, but the interesting thing I like to include this but is that Armando Alonso by the goal of own mistakes messages is not a thing that is in charge of.
Give them and please who stops for life all this showed it so that we only look at the protagonist. In the real phone, you can ensure good rooms in the phones.
Moyano for the fourth ninth world championship to the faculty so that people see through the lightness with the lost something interesting is that I mention the cameras is that they do not even stand out that with they prefer you said the comments of Colombia like more because all the camera
I don't know, I am not clear, nor was anything else in color.
Function did not throw as red or red exclusion of the United States continued for the moment good Juan your first impressions believes that in the problem winning galaxy S said tests which they choose best.
Well I think they should look at the analysis simple fundamental points but in general it is a relatively device. Economical considering that now they cost a thousand dollars mainly this is from eight hundred and twenty dollars at least in the United States because buying here is cheaper at exactly.
This is interesting decent in a process of round the eight hundred and fifty-five United States six helping.
In the double rear camera which is good for a regular regular missing in the Tele photo that we extracted.
Thanks to the locality and yellow well many people were taking the choice of buoys in the back men of the screen still do not be disappointed that in reality traditional physical reader.
It still works better than fingerprint readers probably in the future are more similar but at the moment I don't think they are necessary.
As a judge in the peer group of girls device also put in the sense I think we are going for that super nice message. Mexico when by the favorite which.
I believe that the black tie the three of those things were good already so that people can also appreciate the front.
And there you have them in the front part the back leave us your comments and protected in the Encinas analysis along with diagonals.