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If you miss the iPod and its "wheel" want Apple to allow this app for iPhone

ipod and iphone

If you are one of those who have been at Apple for some time, the iPod may have been one of your first devices. Apple's media player It was a before and after in the company that not only managed to popularize the image of Apple but it was very important to create the most important online store of songs and albums in the world: iTunes.

If the iPod was characterized by something, it is because of its control system, much simpler than that of the other players on the market, something typical of Apple on the other hand. Now a developer has been working for months on a music playback app that returns us the classic ?wheel? of the iPodofficially called click wheel, to our iPhone and the result will make you fall in love.

An iPod inside the iPhone

Elvin Hu, a design student at Cooper Union University in New York City, has been working on this project since October, and yesterday he shared a preview of his application on Twitter. Basically this app what it does is turn our iPhone into an iPod, with its classic wheel and screen and, in addition, it has optical feedback and "click" sounds like the original Apple device.

Even the ?father of the iPod?, Tony Fadel, has echoed this app however that all we can try or not this app depends exclusively on Apple, and things do not look good as Hu has commented to The verge.

?I have been working on this project since October and whether or not I can launch it depends on whether Apple approves it. I think they have legitimate reasons for not doing so (patents and other reasons). ?

The app also includes the function Apple Cover Flow, available in the original versions of iOS and that has a graphic 3D interface that allows you to scroll and view the illustrations of albums and songs in landscape and move through them.

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Without a doubt it is a very interesting app that we hope we can download and try, in case Apple does not approve it in the App Store, Elvin Hu has declared that uploading ?as an open source project after seeing the response of the community ?.