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How to navigate faster and safer by pressing a single button

Cloudflare has launched the application of its DNS for Android. This DNS guarantees better privacy in our browsing, as well as slightly improving the speed at which we visit websites. An application that stands out for how absurdly easy to use it is.

How the Internet works and why this application is essential

Cloudflare, the fast and secure DNS you expected.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you enter The Free Android or any other web page? When writing an address, in our browser we only see 1 or 2 seconds go by and see how the web we have written appears, but in the background much more happens.

Each web page is hosted on an IP address, a numerical address and difficult to remember. So that our computer or smartphone knows where to go, DNS servers are necessary. The DNS server is a broker, responsible for telling our team where exactly the website we want to visit is located. Our colleagues at Omicrono have gone deeper into how the technology behind a DNS works, a reading that of course we recommend.

How to protect your privacy with a private DNS.

Although we don't know, everyone is connected to a DNS server, even if you didn't know its existence. Normally, you are connected to the DNS of your Internet operator, and perhaps if you have some more knowledge, to the DNS of Google, which are faster.

These DNS collect information about the web pages we visit. Even if you browse with the browser in private mode, when making inquiries to DNS, operators or Google know the web you just entered.

Cloudflare created a free and free DNS a few months ago, which promises to be faster than the DNS of your operator or those of Google. In addition to this, they claim that your browsing data will be private, since they do not plan to sell them (stating that operators or Google do).

The fast and secure DNS has the address, and although we could configure our Android mobile to use this DNS server, a standard Android user might be lost in the meantime technicality.

The Cloudflare application allows us to connect to your DNS quickly and securely with the greatest ease. Simply install the application and press the switch to connect to the DNS. If you want to stop using it, we open the application and deactivate the switch.