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How much can a tablet survive over time?


Q101: How much can a tablet survive over time?

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November 21, 2016

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At the time of presenting the tablets of the Chinese company Voyo during the last months, it has become clear how this company, which is gradually gaining weight in Europe through the Internet shopping portals, has also opted for the creation of terminals focused on a professional audience in order to overcome the current context in which the tablet industry is going through in the best possible way. As with many other firms in the Asian country, the strategy not only involves adapting to new groups, but also the possibility of offering more affordable terminals that, at first glance, can meet the needs of the most demanding in the workplace .

With the boom experienced by convertible devices, it might seem that conventional they remain in the background, unable to be attractive to users who have already seen all the possible innovation in them and at the same time, postpone the acquisition of new terminals as long as possible. Today we present Q101 HD, the bet of Voyo to stay as an option to consider among the bulk of audiences that use tablets: The domestic. Will it offer striking features to be an option to consider even though the number of units sold continues to decline? How can it be maintained despite having outdated software as one of its limitations?

q101 hd tablet


One of the strengths of this model are its dimensions: Despite being a large terminal as we will see below, Voyo's seem to correct some of the shortcomings of Chinese tablets low cost: poor quality and very rough finishes . In the case of the Q101 HD we would be facing a terminal that would not exceed 450 grams and whose thickness is only 8 mm. According to its creators, this facilitates a better grip.


As we recalled earlier, this tablet is aimed at first for leisure. This is reflected through its screen, of 10.1 inch which is accompanied by an HD resolution of 1280 × 800 pixels. On the other hand, it has two cameras: a rear of 5 Mpx and a front of 2. These features, linked to the processor and memory, would be, according to those of Voyo, ideal for the reproduction of audiovisual content in High Definition as well as games that require a lot of resources. But we must have another clear idea: The existing titles when this model went on sale, were far from the current ones in terms of graphics but also, in terms of the requirements necessary for its operation.

voyo q101 games


MediaTek is once again the option chosen by many Asian manufacturers. In the case of the Q101 HD we would be facing a MT6582 processor whose maximum speed would be 1.85 Ghz. One of the parameters that would also serve to exclude it from the professional sector, is its RAM, of only 1 GB as well as its storage capacity, from 16 expandable to 32, which is far behind if we compare it with the standards that we can find now in terminals in its category that in some cases can reach 64 or even 128.


Currently, in the Android universe we find approximately one new interface per year. The Q101 HD has among its great limitations an outdated interface, the version 4.4 KitKat of the green robot software. How is it possible that this device remains among the reference ones of the company? The answer is found, once again, in the group of users it focuses on. As the tactics of the brand has been directed in the last two years to the creation of 2-in-1 tablets, the Q101 is one of the tricks that the firm has left to compete within the traditional terminals. Although in this case, the longevity of the model can play against him. In terms of connectivity, we found support for networks 3G and WiFi.

android kitkat

Availability and price

A tablet like this, which already has a long history in the market, has lights and shadows in these last two qualities. As for its possible acquisition, difficulties may arise if we take into account that in many online shopping portals, it is already discontinued or in process. Still, it is still available in some for something less than 100 euros and more information about it can be found on the company's own website.

After learning more about one of Voyo's conventional tablets focused on meeting the needs of groups such as those mentioned above, do you think that although in many cases, these models are used for audiovisual purposes, they should be more recent and have with more current softwares to be really competitive? Do you think that the Chinese technology has succeeded in betting on more elaborate terminals with which it could also get the favor of the user groups to which the Q101 HD is aimed? You have more information available on other much more recent models such as the Vbook so you can give your opinion.