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Features of Horen X1T Pro TWS, quality and cheap headphones

The independent headphones They have become a widely used accessory because of the great freedom they offer when using them, since among other things the cables in the connection equation with smartphones are eliminated. If you are looking for some that are perfect for sports, one of the ones you should know are the Horen X1T Pro TWS.

One of the things that make this accessory different is that its design is very positive. We say this regarding the ergonomics It offers not so much because of the appearance of the headphones we are talking about. Unlike many of the independent models on the market that use Bluetooth technology (in this case version 5.0), the Horen X1T Pro TWS they don't fall when doing intense activities, how can you go jogging and even when climbing or jumping with skates or skateboards.

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Another of the virtues that the accessory has is that thanks to the included pads the comfort is great, so use it for several hours nothing bothers -Its weight of 5.6 grams has a lot to do- and, therefore, in this they improve the vast majority of independent headphones that can be bought today. Therefore, this is one of the best products that exist in its market range today (always talking about its design and usability).

Image of Horen X1T Pro TWS headphones

Sound and other options offered by the Horen X1T Pro TWS

In the first case it must be said that this product offers full stereo sound, which is achieved among other things thanks to the use of the proprietary chip Airoha, which takes advantage of the good connectivity of the headphones to offer a very good sound experience. By the way, among the different modes of use there is one that allows external sounds are heard -with a limited intensity-, which is positive when doing sports because in this way everything that happens around is known.

Water resistant, as they are compatible with the IPX6 standard, there are no problems when it rains and thanks to being compact and resistant the falls of the Horen X1T Pro TWS are not a problem. Regarding the autonomous, there is very good news on these headphones, since they can be used regularly by ten hours complete -thanks to its 60 mAh battery-, a brand that many current models do not reach and, in addition, it does not lack a battery charge in the case that includes that it has an amperage of 400 mAh.

"Horen "use

Important to comment that the outermost element of the headphones includes a touch panel which allow a very comfortable use when managing reproductions. Thus, for example, simply by a gesture it is possible to pass a song or simply stop the music or answer a call thanks to the microphone that they integrate.

Horen X1T Pro TWS colors

Buy Horen X1T Pro TWS headphones

If you are an athlete and this accessory fits what you are looking for, now you can get it at Kickstarter without any problem, since they have already obtained financing and therefore their manufacturing is assured. The price that headphones have is 45 euros and, the shipment, will be made in January 2020 so there is not much left for it.