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Elon Musk explains the design of the Tesla CyberTruck and the glass incident

On Thursday, November 21 at night, Elon Musk introduced the new vehicle of his company, the Tesla CyberTruck and caused a stir in both the event and social networks, especially due to the I miss car design, but the stir was more when the unbreakable glass broke during the test Live.

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In the event of Tesla CyberTruck, the chief designer Franz von Holzhausen broke two of the vehicle's windows with a metal ball. They are made of “Tesla Armor Glass”, which promises to be resistant to this type of impact, but it was not so, at least in the event.

So what happened? Musk says that the glass resisted without much trouble the first impact that was made with a mallet, but then at the time of testing the glass with the metal ball the base of the window broke and this will have broken the glass.

The funny thing is that this explanation does not clarify why the rear window also split since it was not hit with the mallet before, on the other hand Musk shared a video (the one above) where you see von Holzhausen throwing a metal ball to the glass and it bounces and falls to the floor without causing damage to the glass.

The design of the Tesla CyberTruck and its availability

In social networks, many scoffed at the design because it looked like the cars we see in the PlayStation One video games, Musk says that this is due to the material with which it is constructed, The ultra-cold, cold-rolled 30X stainless steel cannot easily be molded because it breaks the press.

The flat roof could also incorporate a solar panel, Musk promises that there will be an option to add photovoltaic energy increase the battery by at least 24 km more per day.

The company now has received 146,000 reservations in less than 24 hours, according to Musk, 42% chose the twin-engine model, 41% wanted the triple engine and 17% chose the single engine. At the end of Sunday (24), there were already 200,000 reservations.

To show interest, a deposit of 100 dollars is required, that is to say, Tesla CyberTruck has already raised 20 million dollars. The manufacture of single and double engine models must begin “At the end of 2021”, but it can be delayed; while the option of three engines is located in 2022.

Then we leave a videl of the event:

Elon Musk explains the design of the Tesla CyberTruck and the glass incident
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