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All Android news from ASUS in Computex 2011: Padfone, Memo, Slider and ms

Asus has put the batteries, and he did. Keep innovating and at Computex 2011 you have presented a product that we already knew (Asus Slider), a very small Honeycomb tablet (Asus Memo) and a device, well a couple of very curious devices (Asus Padfone). Another thing not, but in Asus they definitely bet on originality.

In addition to that we will tell you a curiosity and a little detail for those who have a Asus Transformer. Let's go there:

Let's start with the new devices. And for the great novelty, a product that breaks a bit with everything. Its about Padfone. Basically we talk about a phone that is the brain of a tablet. It's that simple, you'll have both devices, but they can't work both at the same time separately, the tablet doesn't work without the phone inside.

The phone part has a 4 inch screen and technically Gingerbread, but it is easier for this device to go on sale once it is already Ice Cream Sandwich on the street. It has a front camera and a rear camera of 5 MP, which when you put the phone in the tablet becomes the camera of the tablet. It would not be necessary to make new connections, because everything depends on the phone, directly. The tablet is HoneycombBut then what do we do if we receive a call on the phone while it is inside?

Well, you can either take the call using a headset Bluetooth (Now we see an example) or reject it. It is not something closed and they cannot assure when it will be available (well, they are waiting for it). I leave you a video:

Another novelty is the Asus Memo, which we had heard about and seen above but had not seen it running yet. This is the first 7-inch tablet with Honeycomb. In this case we have more data:

  • Screen of 7 ? WSVGA (1024 × 600) Capacitive TFT
  • Processor Qualcomm 8260 1.2 Ghz
  • 1 GB of RAM, internal memory of 8GB / 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
  • Rear camera 5 MP with LED flash, 2 MP front camera
  • microUSB (USB Host), mini jack, micro HDMI, microSD
  • Reproduction of 1080p video (at 30 fps)
  • 4400 mAh battery
  • Dimensions: 198.5 x 116.8 x 11.5 mm; Weight: 389.16 grams
  • With Capacitive stylus

Finally the representation of Slider, the Honeycomb tablet that hides a keyboard if we slide the screen. To see more information about it, I write to the post we wrote about it when it was presented at CES in January. But what we had not seen so far was this video tablet.

Here we can see him held by a beautiful Asian woman (the poor does not have much idea), thanks to the video he has made about Phandroid:

Honeycomb 3.1 in the Transformer

Finally, I wanted to tell you a curiosity about the update to Honeycomb 3.1 by the Transformer. This tweet has published Asus United Kingdom:

Yes, it turns out that the controls of PlayStation and XBOX 360 they are compatible with Honeycomb 3.1, a good news without a doubt, because many people have controls of these, in the image we see that they have cable so they are not necessarily from Playstation 3, or they have it hooked so that they do not steal it ( I opt for the latter).

The update will be via OTA, but if any impatient can not do more, here we leave the file (although Asus is removing them from the Network). We know you are few, but if we can help you …

Download | Update 3.1 Asus Eee Pad Transformer

Steps to follow:

  1. You put the downloaded file in the SD
  2. Make sure you have at least 50% battery and turn off the tablet

Simultaneously press the power button and the volume down, keep and hold until a warning pops up, at that time, press the button to increase the volume and let the process finish. Then the system will reboot and take about 5 minutes.

Then a notification will arrive on the availability of an update for the dock to version 0209, thereby improving the writing speed, the mouse and the USB Host.