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12 fun and fun Android apps to kill boredom

We always talk about Android applications that are practical and make life productive, but what about the applications that add a little fun to our lives? They are also very important, right? Fortunately, Android application developers have a sense of humor and that appears in a variety of fun applications. Here are 15 fun and fun apps on Android They should make sure you have fun:

1. 9GAG

You must know very well 9GAG and, if you are not, you are losing the daily dose of memes, GIFs, funny photos and videos . Along with the hilarious content, it is the community that makes 9GAG even more fun. If the photos and videos do not seem funny, the comments should make a joke. You can also check Cheezburger or the CHIVE, which offer similar fun content.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

2. Voice changer fun

You must have noticed how Bruce Wayne's voice changes when he becomes Batman, right? You are probably using this voice changer application. The application allows you record your voice and then change it to an alien, robot, monster, child, bee, ghost, etc. through several great effects. Then you can share your changed voice with friends and have fun.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

3. Crack My Screen

If you love teasing your friends, Crack My Screen should make a joke. Simply install the application on a friend's device and tap the crack cone to fool him and make him believe that his phone's screen is cracked. There are several broken screen images and cracking screen sound to make things more legitimate.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

4. PiVi and Co

PiVi and Co are the developers behind several fun photo booth applications like BaldBooth, FatBooth, UglyBooth, etc. These fun apps let you know how your face will look after you get bald or after you've gained some (more than a few) pounds. So, if you've always dreamed of looking fat or bald, these apps are for you!

Free download)

5. Androidify

Androidify is a Google application that allows you to play with the cute little bot of Android . With the application, you can create an Android bot with the desired shape, accessories, clothes and more. Then you can share your Android character as an emoji, GIF or just as images.