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12 fun and fun Android apps to kill boredom

We always talk about Android applications that are practical and make life productive, but what about the applications that add a little fun to our lives? They are also very important, right? Fortunately, Android application developers have a sense of humor and that appears in a variety of fun applications. Here are 15 fun and fun apps on Android They should make sure you have fun:

1. 9GAG

You must know very well 9GAG and, if you are not, you are losing the daily dose of memes, GIFs, funny photos and videos . Along with the hilarious content, it is the community that makes 9GAG even more fun. If the photos and videos do not seem funny, the comments should make a joke. You can also check Cheezburger or the CHIVE, which offer similar fun content.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

2. Voice changer fun

You must have noticed how Bruce Wayne's voice changes when he becomes Batman, right? You are probably using this voice changer application. The application allows you record your voice and then change it to an alien, robot, monster, child, bee, ghost, etc. through several great effects. Then you can share your changed voice with friends and have fun.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

3. Crack My Screen

If you love teasing your friends, Crack My Screen should make a joke. Simply install the application on a friend's device and tap the crack cone to fool him and make him believe that his phone's screen is cracked. There are several broken screen images and cracking screen sound to make things more legitimate.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

4. PiVi and Co

PiVi and Co are the developers behind several fun photo booth applications like BaldBooth, FatBooth, UglyBooth, etc. These fun apps let you know how your face will look after you get bald or after you've gained some (more than a few) pounds. So, if you've always dreamed of looking fat or bald, these apps are for you!

Free download)

5. Androidify

Androidify is a Google application that allows you to play with the cute little bot of Android . With the application, you can create an Android bot with the desired shape, accessories, clothes and more. Then you can share your Android character as an emoji, GIF or just as images.

Free download)

6. Wakie

Wakie is the perfect application if you want talk about something with a friendly stranger . You can request a call or accept a call for various topics you want to talk about. You can even set an alarm clock with the application and, instead of an alarm tone, receive a call from a stranger. Sounds pretty interesting, right? You will have to try it to find out.

Free download)

7. Lie detector

The Lie Detector Simulator application is a fun application, in which you can predefine answers or let the application produce random answers to see the truth and lies and make jokes to your friends. Just start a question answer game with a friend and see how they get confused with the lie detector application.

Free download)

8. Stop swipin!

Have you ever wanted to show a photo to a friend but are you worried that he / she can slide and see images you don't want them to see? Well, everyone has been there and this is what makes the relatively unknown Stop Swipin application so useful. The application allows you Choose the images you want to show your friends and lock the screen So your friends can't do anything else.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

9. Fake calls

There are a lot of fake calling applications available in the Play Store and you can choose the one that best suits your interface. These applications should help you out of difficult situations and even jokes. May schedule fake calls and set the name, number and image of the call to make things even more legitimate.

Download (Free with purchases within the application)

10. Get me old

You want to know how will you look when you get older ? This application should give you a good idea. Make Me Old captures your face and adds effects, lenses, mustache and beard to give you the look of an old man. You can even edit the image to suit your grandfather's needs.

to download

11. Chwazi Finger Chooser

Are you facing problems to choose a team for a game? OR Can't decide who will pay the bill? Chwazi Finger Chooser should help. It is a very simple but intuitive application, which allows you and your friends to put a finger on the screen and choose any random finger. The number of supported fingers should depend on the device you have, since each device has a different number of multi-touch points.

Free download)

12. goat simulator

Goat Simulator is a hilarious game, which deserves a mention when we talk about fun applications for Android. If you have always fantasized about being a goat, this game will fulfill your final dream. The gameplay includes being the goat and having to destroy all the chaos you can. Also, you might hate mistakes in an application, but you will love it in Goat Simulator.

Download (Paid $ 4.99)

Ready to bust some stress with these fun Android apps?

These applications will not win any prizes for their designs or features of the application, but you can count on them to make you smile. Therefore, if you are looking for a stress destroyer, you should try these great Android applications. Also, let us know if we have missed a fun application that you know. Turn off the sound in the comments section below.

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