The city of Kerala is ready to receive Wi-Fi 24/7, free

The city of Kerala is ready to receive Wi-Fi 24/7, free

While Prime Minister Modi is still working on his " smart cities ", a city of Kerala has taken the initiative to emerge as a" smart city "by providing 8400 people with free 24/7 Wi-Fi Internet access. This essentially means that 20 percent of the city's population begin receiving free Wi-Fi initially, while the remaining 80 percent will get it within three months. Sounds amazing, right?

Wi-Fi connectivity is no longer something that can really be included in the list of luxuries or even in secondary needs. The social and labor need to remain connected has become one of the public services companies, such as, for example, not on par with electricity.

Trikaripur has been able to do this with the minimum bureaucracy. You have used the BSNL fiber optic network. The city used its proximity to the IT center of Bangalore to discover the basic concepts and voila! He was able to do it. Then I raised funds of Rs. 300,000 to establish connections that will operate from a building that is owned by the village council for a monthly sum of a miserable Rs. 5, 000. This profitability is only one reason to shine with happiness.

AGC Basheer, president of Trikaripur grama panchayat tell IANS, " This service will launch on Monday (November 1, 2014) . For starters, free Wi-Fi access will be available in a two kilometer radius (from the base station). In another three months, the service will cover the entire council of the village. We understand that we are the first village council in the country to enter free Wi-Fi mode.

Many of those who traveled to Bangalore told us about the Wi-Fi connection and decided to find out. We talked to many IT experts and then named a consultant who gave us the instructions to install it. The test races have been successful and we will get going.

This is not only a breakthrough in technology for a small city, but, in fact, it is a sign that people have begun to discover how to do the work in this country. The trikaripur grama panchayat is a brilliant example, even a grassroots organization with its ears to the ground and the willingness to do work for people can create an outlet for them that could positively affect their daily lives. All you need is simply to listen to people and discover what should be done and how.

It is not only the gramapanchayat, but the people of this city, who are equally aware of the developments: " After I heard about this, I consulted with people who know a lot about the subject and said that since Trikaripur is under control, the BSNL fiber optic network will be fine. ", he told IANS TMC Ibrahim, a government employee and resident of Trikaripur.

India, despite having one of the largest IT work forces in the world, has been quite lost in regards to the efficient management of Wi-Fi connectivity. The 2G scam shook the foundation of the assignment and we never fully recovered from that shock. We are still struggling to provide 4G to big cities and even 3G is not accessible in many pockets. 24/7 Wi-Fi connectivity is something we need, since we cannot fully access mobile data, thanks to our bureaucracy.

The vision of the Prime Minister of smart cities is highly recommended and with much more integration, including software applications, but must be executed correctly, unlike many other Prime Minister schemes of the past. Trikaripur must be a contrast study for the Prime Minister, who has a vision of 100 new cities enabled with the latest technology and infrastructure, including Wi-Fi connectivity, and has allocated $ 1.2 billion in the budget for the same purpose.